September 06, 2009

The Ongoing Struggle

Forks. We have only one manufacturer that has produced a true bred 650B suspension fork: White Bros. They are offering the Magic in a 80mm and 100mm travel options and the Fluid in 100 & 130. These forks do fill the most commonly used travel lengths, but more options are needed.
From the looks of things, nearly every major fork manufacturer already has a model with lowers that fit a 650B off-road tire. Rock Shox, Fox Forx, Marzocchi, Manitou, DT Swiss, even RST and Suntour. When will these manufacturers see the potential and just take the plunge. A 650B fork could double as a 26" as well. Obviously not much will need to be done for an official ruling to take place. I'm no engineer, but after talking with White Bros last year it was a huge overhauling to adapt their forks to meet 650B use.
X-Fusion has been smart with giving the thumbs up for their Velvet fork. This fork was a blessing to the wheelsize. With a retail price of under $400, and a weight under 4lbs, the Velvet has been the perfect starter fork for most 650B users.
I am working on a list of compatible 26" forks, but I am hesitant to post it to this site. I have done quite a bit of work to locate and test forks that can fit the 2.3 Neo-Moto. If I do list anything, all forks must accept the larger Neo.

September 02, 2009

KHS SixFifty606

I had a blurb weeks ago about this bike when a KHS Rider had a prototype. Well, KHS has given the thumbs up for production. The 606 will feature a hydroformed aluminum frame, an X-Fusion Velvet fork, Nevegal 2.1" tires and a Shimano SLX rear deraileur, just to name some of the myriad of components on this geared hardtail. This is the first production aluminum mtb hardtail 650B frame.
I spoke with a few KHS folks at last year's Interbike and they were very open to the 650B format and even had a Tuscon setup with 650B wheels. I'd love to see a steel Solo-One in the future. They can call it the BSolo.

August 31, 2009

SALE SALE SALE is having a sale on 650B Tires. All Pacenti makes are instock, including the 2.1" Neo-Moto.

August 29, 2009

Soul Cycles Hooligan G3

Hey folks I just came across some nice info! The folks over at Soul Cycles have confirmed a 27.5"x2.35" Kenda Nevegal fits in their 26" Hooligan frame. Their 4th Generation of this model is currently in the works, and I think the rear end length has not changed. Check them out at

August 28, 2009

Kent Eriksen Never Ceases to Amaze!

Kent Eriksen helped produce one of the first modern 650B mountain frames a few years back. At this year's Rocky Mountain Bike Show in Denver he took home "Builder of the Year" title. 650B Palace would like to highlight this achievement as well as one of the many bikes that were displayed last weekend.

As many of you know, Kent Eriksen founded the Moots company. Specializing in titanium, and designing the YBB softtail yolk. Kent left Moots a number of years back, went on hiatus, and is now back with Kent Eriksen Cycles and still builds in Steamboat Springs,CO.
The above bicycle is a fullsuspension 650B, Titanium bicycle. Up front, the Maverick DUC32 handles the steering, and has been modified to allow maximum travel mated to a 650B Schwalbe Racing Ralph. The rear utilized Ventana's faux-bar linkage along with Eriksen manufactured titanium seat stays (Ventana's OE version uses aluminum stays instead).
This is truly a beautiful bike, and only one of the many 650B frame that the camp at Eriksen Cycle has produce. If you can see through the full suspension, there is a full rigid 650B hardtail behind it.
Congrats to Eriksen Cycles!

August 24, 2009

Collab Begins!

A while back I mentioned 650B Palace will be working with a frame manufacturer to bring forth a new 650B dedicated hardtail frame. Well, the collaboration began last week with a phone call to discuss some general geometry numbers. I will not be revealing many details, but I do want to let everyone know there is something new coming down the pipe. When 'spy' photos are ready I'll post them. Keep checking back!

August 22, 2009

The folks over at Norse Cycles just put the finishing touches on a TI 650B hardtail using a Maverick SC32.
check them out at or just click the huge NORSE above.

August 20, 2009

650B Tires

This is a list of tires available in 650B/ 584 ISO. It will be ever growing so check back often.

Pacenti Cycle Design
Neo-Moto 2.3"
Neo-Moto 2.1"
Quasi- Moto 2.0"
Pari-Moto 38

FJR 2.2"
Tour Ride 42

Goma 2.25
Goma 2.4
TNT 2.25
TNT 2.4

Cougar 2.2
Cougar 2.4
Cobra 2.25
Toro 2.35
Nevegal 2.35"
Nevegal 2.1"
Honey Badger2.2"
Slant 6 2.1"

IRD (Interloc Racing Design)
Fire XC Pro 2.1"

High Roller II 2.4"
High Roller II 2.3"
Ardent 2.25"
Crossmark 2.1"
Ikon 2.2"
Minion DHF 2.3

Wild Grip'r 2.35"
Wild Race'r 2.25"

Col de Vie 38
Fatty Rumpkin 40
Nifty Swifty 32
Driver Pro 2.22"
Swoop 2.1"
Comet 2.0"

Ritchey Logic
Tom Slick 1.1"
Z-Max Evolution 2.1"
Shield 2.1"

Racing Ralph 2.25"
Hans Dampf 2.35"
Nobby Nic 2.25"
Rocket Ron 2.25"
Razor Rock 2.35"
Thunder Burt 2.1"
Marathon Slick 42

Pasela 38
B-Line 38
Xpress 38 (uses HyperTex Casing)

Psyco Genius Fast 13 2.1"
Psyco Genius Venture 2.25"
Wolerine 2.2"
Vigilante 2.3"
Bee Line 2.2"

Vee Rubber
Fluid 2.4"
Flow 2.4"
Trail Taker 2.4"
Mission 2.1"
Speed-R 2.25"
Master Blaster 2.1 
Race V 2.1"
V10 2.1"
 Black Panther 2.2"
Spotted Cat 2.2" 
Grand Bois
Cypres 32
Ourson 35
Hetre 42

650B Frame Manufacturers

This is a list of production frames. Most custom builders will be happy to build what ever you want for the right amount of cash. The folks below have brought in 650B specific frames at a production level.

Spooky Cycles - Horror Taxi
Vicious Cycles - Mambo Sun
Carver - Killer B

Santa Cruz - Bronson (carbon or aluminum), Heckler, SOLO aka 5010, Bantam
Rivendell -  Betty Foy, Sam Hillborne & Yves Gomez (650b in limited sizes)
Soma Fabrications -  BSide-V3
Jamis - Dakar (4 Models), Dakar AMT (2 Models), Dragon (2 Models), Nemesis(2 Carbon, 3 Aluminum),  Trail X
KHS- DH650. 7500, 6500, 5500, 3500, 2500, Team 650, 800, 600, 700, 300
Ventana - Alpino, Zeus.
Pivot Cycles - Mach 6-50, Les 27.5, Firebird
Norco- Sight, Range (both available in aluminum and carbon versions)
Intense- Carbine, Tracer 275
Trek- Remedy (6 models), Slash (3 models)
Turner- Burner
Foes- F275
Felt Bikes - 
Surly - Instigator 2.0
Ellsworth- Epiphany XC Carbon, Epiphany Enduro, Absolute Truth Carbon
Rocky Mountain- Altitude (4 Carbon & 2 aluminum) , Thunderbolt (4 Models), Altitude Rally Edition (1 Carbon 1 aluminum), Fusion, Soul, Vapor
Ritchey- P275 aka P650
Scott- Genius 700SL, Scale
GT Bicycles- Sensor (3 Carbon models, 2 Alloy models), Force (2 carbon models)
Boardman Bikes- Pro Carbon, Pro, Team, Comp, FS Pro, FS Team
Litespeed - Citico, Sewanee
Kona Bikes - Explosif, Cinder Cone, Blast, Process (4 Models)
Nicolai Bikes- Helius AC, Ion 16, Argon TB, Helius TB
Giant Bikes 26 Bikes Models!! - Athem Advanced (3 models), Athem, XTC Advanced (4 Models), XTC, Trance Advanced (2 Models), Trance Advanced SX,  Trance (2 Models), Trance SX, Talon (3 Models), Tempt (3 Models), Lust (2 Models), Obsess (2 Models), Obsess Advanced (2 Models), Intrigue (2 Models)
Whyte Bikes- 900 Series (3 Models), 800 Series (2 Men's 2 Wmn's),  G150 (2 Models)
Transition Bikes- Covert 27.5, Bandit 27.5, TransAm 275
Orbea - Rallon (4 Models)
Orange Bikes- Five, Crush, Five Diva
Haro- Flightline 27Five (4 models)

(More to be added 12/18/2013)

Rawland Cycles - Sogn, Olaf & Drakkar
Haro - Beasley, Sonix VL120 (2010 release)(2011RIP all 650B models)
Soma Fabrications - BSide, BSide-V2
KHS- Sixfifty606, 608, 608, 603, 656XC
Ventana- El Bastardo

650B Rims

This is a list of 650B Rims available. Not all MTB specific, simply a list of options to use on your next wheel build.
This will be an ever growing list.

Alex XD-Lite

American Classic 101

DT Swiss M480

Grand Bois Super Champion M58 replica

Kore XCD

Mavic XM319
Mavic EN321

Pacenti CL25, XC rim
Pacenti DL31, Super D
Pacenti PL23, Classic style road/rando
Pacenti TL28, Trail

Rigida Sphinx

Snow Cat wide rim @ 45mm wide

Stan's No Tubes ZTR Crest
Stan's No Tubes ZTR355 (RIP)
Stan's No Tubes ZTR Flow EX
Stan's No Tubes ZTR Arch EX

Sun Ringle Inferno 25
Sun Ringle Inferno 27
Sun Ringle EQ27
Sun Ringle CR18

Velocity Blunt
Velocity Blunt SL
Velocity Synergy
Velocity Twin Hollow
Velocity Blunt35, formerly known as P35
Velocity Dyad
Velocity Aerohead (AU exclusive)

Vicious Children of the Revolution

Weinmann Discovery
Weinmann ZAC19
Weinmann XM 280

WTB Laserdisc Trail
WTB i 19
WTB i 21
WTB i 23

August 19, 2009

Velocity: Still at the Forefront!

Looks like Mr. Pacenti has been busy! Velocity rims and Pacenti Cycle Design have teamed up to bring us yet ANOTHER MTB rim in the 584 ISO. Huge thanks to Velocity!
The official PRESS RELEASE reads:
Velocity is proud to announce the newest rim to join our line. The Pacenti 35 or P35 will be available in late September of 2009, just in time for the Interbike show in Las Vegas, Nevada. The P35 is named after its co-designer, frame builder and bicycle designer Kirk Pacenti, a nineteen year veteran in the bicycle industry; widely recognized for his work as a material supplier to the best custom framebuilders in the US and his development of the 650b wheel size for mountain bike use.

The P35 is designed for the cross country/all mountain rider craving a laterally stiff yet weight conscious rim that is still tough enough for the occasional Super – D race. At 35mm wide the P35 gives you one of the fattest footprints available which will float over the rough stuff and give you more bite and greater tread use through the turns. All of this and still weighing in at less than 600 grams in the 29er size! The P35 is 22mm deep with an inside width of 29.5mm which will accommodate a wide array of tire widths to cater to your riding preferences. In addition the P35 was designed to easily accommodate a tubeless application.

The P35 will be available in 26”, 650b, and 29”. 32 and 36 hole will be available in all sizes, and 28 hole will be available in 26” black only. We here at Velocity love giving you color options so you can customize your bike. You will see all sizes in black, silver, white, red and the very flashy antifreeze green. The decal bears the trusted Velocity name and flaunts the signature of its designer Kirk Pacenti.

Together we’ve made the rim you have been waiting for, and we think you are really going to like it.


Outside Width: 35mm
Inside Width: 29.5mm
Depth: 22mm

29”: 595g
650b: 570g
26”: 535g

The P35 will be available through QBP, BTI, J&B and as always direct from Velocity USA.

Kirk Pacenti had this to say about the collaboration,

“Over the last couple years I have developed a great working relationship with Velocity USA. So when John Black asked me to take a look at a rim they were considering for production I was happy to offer an opinion. We discovered that the features we each wanted in a new rim were very similar, so I offered John a couple rim designs I happened to be working on, and we quickly settled on the P-35™ design. Working on the P-35™ rim with Velocity USA has been an incredibly positive experience for me; one that I hope to repeat in the near future with them. I could not be more please with the way the P-35™ turned out. Velocity nailed the execution of my design. Their craftsmanship, combined with the myriad of rim sizes, drillings, color and graphic options come together to create products that are second to none in our industry.”

Here is the new P35 in all it's glory!

August 18, 2009

Groovy Cycleworks belt drive 650B

Rody over at Groovy Cycleworks, a custom frame fabricator and all-round cycle guy, has a few interesting videos on YouTube. In this video below, Rody adds a connector link to convert a Soma B-Side to accept a belt drive! I've been pondering how to do a conversion like this! Supposedly the frame/bike owner will right a review about the belt drive set up.

Can't wait.

August 04, 2009

We all know On One...

...and their bike designer left them to start his own venture. Brant Richards was the mastermind who brought you the Mary, Mungo & Midge alternative handle bars. (See: Mary, Mungo & Midge, as you may wonder who those lil cartoons on the handlebars are)
Brant's new venture is called RAGLEY, but was first known as Shedfire. Well, Ragley's TI hardtail can fit the Pacenti Quasi-Moto! Brant is busy designing more frames for the line, so we can only hope he uses the same amount of CS clearance on the rest of his 26" bikes.

Chainstays with a 26"wheel:

July 22, 2009

The Aussies are Putting it Through the Ringer

Definitive Cycles and their Defcon 27Five Testing

Pacenti to release a 4th 650B tire, but keep it on the road!

Pacenti plans to release a 4th 650B tire, yet this one will be a porter/rando/touring style in a 38mm flavor, aptly named the Pari-Moto.

Kirk Pacenti writes:

"Following the success of my 650b MTB tires many of you have contacted me asking whether or not I would consider making a 650b tire for the road. Initially I was not inclined to make a road tire, but now feel the demand would justify my efforts.

In response to this demand, I have designed the “dream tire” many of you have been asking for. The Pari-MotoT tire will be a high performance, 650×38b tire with a light, supple casing and fine file tread pattern. This tire is sure to be lighter, faster and smoother riding than any other 650×38b tire currently available. If I were to start production on the mould tooling today, the tires should land in the US sometime in late November. And with the support of all the 650b list members the Pari-MotoT can become a reality very quickly.

However, I feel I should be explicit in what I mean by ’support’ so that we are all on the same page. If I am to produce this tire, I must pre-sell a minimum of 200 pairs of tires by August 15th, 2009 to cover the tooling costs. If you believe that this tire should be produced, if you are willing to place an order in advance, and if you can wait six months for delivery, we’ll all be rolling around on new tires before the year is out.
The tires will initially be sold in pairs only for $118.00 per pair and be shipped USPS Priority Flat Rate service for an additional $12.00 anywhere in the continental US. Foreign orders will incur some additional shipping charges that can be billed for at the time of shipment. Please fill out the attached order form and mail it along with your check. If you prefer to pay by credit card or live outside the continental US, please email me for details. If you have any further questions about the tire, please do not hesitate to ask

Since this communication, Kirk has opened up the pre-order on his website CLICK HERE TO PREORDER YOURS NOW

In additional Pacenti news, the 2.1 Neo-Moto has landed in US soil. As they make their way to Pacenti Cycle Design HQ, your orders can still be placed HERE
If you just can't wait your local bike shop can order them from Merry Sales in San Fransisco, as they have a healthy stock (for now). This is sure to be THE TIRE TO HAVE for off-road 650B/27.5"

One Stop Shopping? Who's Interested?

With 650B Palace being the one stop source for 650B info and news, is their any interest from visitors to purchase products here, too? I have been thinking about taking this page into a retail mode, as well as a news site, but I'd like to gauge the interest first. Leave a message, and let me know.

Carl is busted!

The folks over at Vicious have hit the skids. Their main man, and head fabricator, Carl Schlemowitz went down hard on a weekend training ride on the road. The crashed was caused by an unseen pot-hole or some sort of road hazard. Carl will be mending a broken scapula for the next 6 weeks. Good luck healing quickly, Carl!

Here is an interview with Carl from 2007 at Dirt Rag TVs Interbike booth.

Also, Don't forget Vicious is offering their own line of 650B XC rims, named Children of the Revolution, or COTR for short.
Check them out HERE

The Velocity Dyad Rim: 650B

I phoned Velocity yesterday due to the upcoming need for some 650B rims. I remembered a few months ago the mention of the Dyad rim to be produced in a 650b/584iso. Indeed it is true, but with all good news comes stipulations. With a 24mm width and machined sidewalls, the Dyad is a proven touring and tandem rim as a 700c, yet in a 650B I'm sure it will see offroad use with the multitude of tire hitting the market. Alas, your local bike shop will only be able to procure these rims from Quality Bicycle Products. Velocity will not be selling them direct to shops or smaller, custom frame and wheel builders. QBP has them locked in, for 2009 anyways. Their Handspun wheel building program can build onto any combination of hub, rim and spoke of the users choosing.
The Velocity Dyad. Machined Sidewalls, available only in silver for the time being.

July 17, 2009

A nice source for additional info!

While there isn't another truly dedicated 650B news site, there is loads of information out there. One such place is housed at

I think I have previous posts with a mention here or there, but they have their act together! They have a nice file like system dedicated to 650B info and the like.

Check it out here:


July 07, 2009

KHS Prototyping, step 2.

A sponsored racer has the KHS 650B Prototype in his paws. We saw a steel version last year, but this is an aluminum version. I'm guessing the first was a 26" that accepted 650b. I'm digging the shaped tubing! I'll keep everyone posted on any additional developments!

June 13, 2009

Soma B-Side in House

650B Palace has taken delivery of Soma's B Side. This is Soma's first offering of a 650B formatted bike. It was teased at the BTI booth in 2007, and in 2009 Soma delivered! They sent us a making IRD fork as well. This is a production model fork, but they only had a small amount painted to match the B Side butterscotch color. Stock color is black, same fork, just black.
I must say that this bike yields a very different ride than my other MTB bikes. Typically, I am fond of a shorter stem and longer toptube. Soma has taken the XC road with this frame design. With a 71deg head tube angle and 73deg seat tube, my 577mm effective top tube length left me feeling short in the cockpit. My only option was a hideous 120mm stem in my parts bin. This length has put me a very racey position, but I still very comfortable and stable. I chose the Medium frame with the tip I would need a longer post. This info instantly reminded me of Niner's design, which helps with standover height. SO is typically not an issue for 650B wheels.
Soma shipped the frameset along with a Ensho Limited black sparkle saddle, as well as their ultra wide Odin Bar.
I capped off the bars with some Thick and Zesty cork tape. I figured some 'alt-bars' deserved some an 'alt-grip'. This is my first experience with bars tape for and MTB. We'll see how it holds up for me.
I'll report back once I have logged some decent trail time on this production 650B frameset.
Kudos to Soma for jumping on board so avidly!
Lovely double butted Prestige Tubing from Tange.
Awesomely easy horizontal dropouts with a derailleur hanger for the gearies.
Testing the Kenda Nevegals in 2.1" for this ride.
"S" bent stays will add some cush, but deliver the push.
Nicely chosen H2O boss reinforcements for the 2 sets on the frame.
Both sets are on the downtube, one on top, one on the underside.

Children of the Revolution 650B Rim
  • 32 Hole
  • Eyeletted
  • Disc Specific
  • Retail at $40

I purchased 5 of these rims before seeing them. Carl at Vicious gave me a heads up when he was on his way to NAHBS, and I placed my pre-order with him on his cell phone and in his van packed with Vicious gear. The link above shows a cross section of the rim. This isn't a relabeled Alex rim, or a Sun rim with a different name. I haven't seen this design rolled in a 27.5" version. I'm not sure who is making these for Vicious, but they have chosen a nice rim to call their own. It is nicely priced for home wheelbuilders out there. I have built 4 of the rims so far, and they build nice: round and true, very easily. The seams aren't perfect, but most aren't. It's almost not mentioning since it is a disc specific rim.

June 05, 2009


Everyday, we are a little closer. Today brings us a teaser photos from Pacenti Cycle Design!

June 04, 2009


Damn. Sorry everyone. The 2.1" Neo Motos won't be landing until the end of July. The VERY end of July. Expect to see them start shipping out of Pacenti Headquarters in August. Sorry for the wrong info. Way wrong info.

**An email from Pacenti Cycle Designs just hit my INBOX. Tires will begin shipping out of HQ in July-same day as arrival . I need to get my facts straight, again. **

June 02, 2009


Mr PVD, a MTBR user and frame builder, and all-round- fabricator is selling his custom 650B frame set with wheels and tires. I came across his CRAIGSLIST post located at

The link has another link with additional photos.

check it.

May 28, 2009

Quasi Moto Tires Are Back in Stock

Your favorite distributor should have the Quasi Moto back in stock and ready to ship. Have your LBS place an order and get rocking on one of the BEST selling tires for 650B off road!

$59.95 MSRP
Or order straight from

Is It June Yet?

June. We are SO close! Why June, you ask? Well, because the 2.1 Neo Moto lands in JUNE. That's why! Pacenti Cycle Design had a HUGE, and shocking, hit with the 2.0 Quasi Moto, so follow up tire had to be a NEED rather than a want. Folks demanded a smaller volume, aggressive knob'd tire, so Pacenti will be soon delivering the 2.1" NEO MOTO. When they land 650BPalace will be the first with official images of the tire. Originally, the tire line-up was to be Neo Moto, Quasi Moto, and Mini Moto. There are also rumors of another tread coming from Pacenti, as they have pushed back development of the Mini Moto. Only a rumor as I haven't gotten any word on the tread design or pattern.
And what are those damn fork makers up to? Maverick can custom tune your DUC or SC32 for 650B use. X-Fusion's 2010 model will be 650b ready. White Bros are still kicking out their Magic and Fluid 650B models. These manufacturers are definitely helping the cause when it come to a safe fork choice, but the population is still not happy. Why couldn't the Rock Shox Pike be tuned specifically for 650B? The 2.3" Neo clears the arch. How about a travel limitation added to a 650B specific Pike?
Anyways, check back VERY soon for news on the 2.1" Neo Moto. They will be available directly through Pacenti Cycle Designs by visiting

You are now free to move about the cabin.

May 25, 2009

James Frames Custom 650B Revisited

Well, I have had more saddle time on the aluminum hardtail fabricated by JP of James Frames in Boulder, CO. For an Introduction to the bike CLICK HERE.
The recently released IRD Fire XC Pro tire in the 27.5" model is quickly becoming a favorite rear tire. It has held tight in most of the common conditions to my Florida trails. We have had some nice downpours so the trails were in choice shape. Originally JP and I spec'd the frame to accept the largest tire I would ever run, which, at the time of conception, was the only offroad tire available: MTBR's Fav Tire Pick- The Pacenti NEO-MOTO in a width of 2.3". The James Frames takes the IRD like a champ with more than ample clearance.
James Frames Tire Clearance 2.1" IRD 650BJames Frames 650B Chain Line
The chain line is killer as well. JP nailed it, but the American Classic single speed hub has a load of adjustment, too. The cassette body is approximately 15mm wide and the cog can be placed anywhere on it. I am using the Endless Kick-ASS cog, which in fact, kicks ass. Ultra light weight, and solid. It is a nice compliment to the American Classic's sensitive aluminum carrier with its wide base.
I have had a few 650B conversions, and this James Frames is my second purpose built 650B, and it totally RAILS. My initial take on the bike was that I was sitting higher than I liked, but that has since changed. It is a very nice longer travel XC bike with the Maverick SC32. Well, since the SC32 has been tuned to a 4" travel, it is closer to a standard XC length travel. In time I will return the X-Fusion Velvet to this bike and run it at a full 130mm, but for now the 10cm is fine, no GREAT.

May 11, 2009

Definitive Cycles DEFCON test Ridden

No, I haven't gotten my grubby paws on one yet but there is a write up on the web.
Follow the link (click image)


May 08, 2009

Dirt Rag: They're giving it away!

Each month Dirt Rag offers up a Sweepstakes Bike each month, for free. FREE. They've given away Commencals, Diamond Backs, Gary Fisher, and everything in between.
This months give-away is a CARVER KILLER BEE. That's a titanium frame fro those who don't know. They are available with stock geometry and custom. If you win, you get to pick the geometry. WHOA. Free CUSTOM? That's right.

Pick up your copy of Dirt Rag at the local supermarket or book store and send in your entree. If you just want to subscribe, do so at:

April 30, 2009

Jamis 650B Explained

Craig Hoyt with a quick interview about the new 5" travel 650B bike from Jamis.


April 21, 2009

Jeremiah Bishop talks about his 650B/26 bike.

TI 650B

Hey you, AU! This is a prototype from Definitive more info when it breaks.

Kenda Nevegal Instock

The voluptuous 2.35" Kenda Nevegal is finally instock at Quality Bicycle Products. Your local shop can order them at their will. Over 50 units instock. No site of the 2.1" version yet. I'll keep a look out and notify when those hit!
Daily we are getting closer to the 2.1" Neo-Moto's arrival. We. Wait.


Xfusion has made it official for their newest Velvet release. The next gen Velvet will have a more standard offset, be offered in a 1.125" - 1.5" steer tube (as well as a standard 1.125"), and offer a 15TA option. I have an image of their catalog page, which I will post later.

In other news, 650BPalace will be collaborating with a frame manufacturer to assist with a design of a new 650B specific hardtail, and possibly a 5" travel frame. The process began today, so I'd rather keep the manufacturer under wraps. Wheels and tires will be shipping out tomorrow to designers can gear up and get more familiar with the format. More news as it comes!

April 11, 2009

Sharing 650B Links.

Some words from MTBR regarding Ahrens Custom Bicycles

Soma Fab info: B-Side Released

April 09, 2009


The new MountainBike Magazine has hit news stands along with a 4 page feature about 650B.
Jamis is planning a 5" travel model for 2010. Frame sizes will include 13", 15",17",19"21". It's price is not yet publicized.
The articles also include the Ventana El Bastardo, Haro's Sonix prototype, the Haro Beasley 1x9 and inamges of the Beasley SS and White Bros Magic 650B fork.
The articles include interviews with Kirk Pacenti, Patrick CRosby of Haro, Craig Hoyt of Jamis, and Sherwood Gibson of Ventana.
Do what you need to get your grubby hands on thie issue! The cover has a photos of Eric Porter doing a wallride with the text GO BIG.

check it.

April 05, 2009

James Frames, Custom 650B

OK, my JP Boylan built frame is a complete bike, and refined! I had it built up in mid March, but it needed a few changes- which have occurred. The original build consisted of a too lengthy of a stem, and too high of handlebars. I've brought the steering lower and changed the fork from the X-Fusion Velvet to the Maverick SC32. This mandated a new front wheel, too. Luckily I had a matching rim laced to a Maverick 24/7 hub. The IRD Fire XCPro B* model Tires are very good, but I am waiting to mate my Pacenti 2.3" NeoMoto to the upcoming 2.1" Neo Moto on the rear.
I haven't taken this version off road yet, but pedaling in the neighborhood has me stoked for the trail.
Here is the final (hopefully) version of the James Frames 650B custom aluminum build. Unless, for some odd reason I choose to add gears...
Custom James Frames 650B Aluminum

Custom James Frames 650B Aluminum
Custom James Frames 650B Aluminum
Custom James Frames 650B Aluminum

JP is a great builder, who at one time worked for Dean Titanium, and I've heard he helped Walt of Waltworks get started. Check him out at

(* I will be posting a write up on the IRD Firx 650B tire very soon)

April 03, 2009


CANNONDALE'S 650B Test Confirmed
JB raced on 650B.

Modified, even.

For the complete article check out:


More on Haro Sonix 650B

I know a Haro rep in California, and he was kind enough to send me a few images of his freshly built 650B Sonix. Sean has this bad boy built with a X-Fusion Velvet, Ameircan Classic BXC's, Full XTR, and carbon steering components. Definetely and bike to lust over.
Thanks for the pics Sean Kneale!

March 31, 2009

Shamrock Cycles
Groovy Cycleworks

These companies have what in common??
They are all featured in the fresh edition of Dirt Rag's NAHBS coverage,
with their 650B off road bicycles.
You damn right.
Haven't gotten yours yet?

March 30, 2009 is blowing out ALL 650B merchandise. TIRES FORKS and RIMS all 650b specific with SLASHED PRICES! A Summer time sale? Who cares?! Just stock up on tires and rims, prices so low you won't want to pass this opportunity up! SALE LASTs UNTIL FRIDAY April 3rd.

March 25, 2009

Cannondale Rumors Swirl

You make the call. This is Jeremiah Bishop's bike (and his legs). Rumors are rising of Cannondale testing the 650B on the front of the team bikes.
Nothing official from the Cannondale camp, but I have gotten word that 650B Rims and Tires were sent to Cannondale some 18 months ago. (Little birds- chirp chirp)

Check MTB RACE NEWS for the full story.

March 24, 2009

We're Moving!

Be sure to adjust your book marks! This site is currently located at but if you goto you will be re-directed to the BLOGSPOT address. The new home will be the , yes we will be a true dot-com.
The Blogspot addy will remain, but no longer updated.

March 19, 2009

This is all you need to know for now...

March 18, 2009

Not 650B Related...

Sorry, I couldn't pass the opportunity to post this informative Vid.
It's not in English, but you'll figure it out.

I guess I'll have 650B Palace bells made soon.

March 17, 2009


650B Racing Ralph
Originally uploaded by Cracked Headtube
The American Classic 650BXC wheelsets are now in stock! Currently only the geared version, though. This time it is NO JOKE! I pulled a goof last April 1, but this time the wheelsets are instock. They are to be sold as pairs only at this time.
Give American Classic a call for ordering details.
800-813-5545, 10am-6pm EST.

March 08, 2009

Little Birds....

Little birds have notified me of 2 650B hardtails in the works. I have a contact at the manufacturer., but he has yet to confirm, or even reply to my emails... I think the silence speaks volumes. The rumor is 2 hardtails, but we have yet to see the Fuji that was getting prototyped, so if we get one, I'll be stoked.
I can tell you that this company has been making mountain bikes for years, and is in MANY IBDs and have a few shipping warehouses throughout North America. Another hint would be to tel that some of their current hard tails can already fit the 650B knobbies on the market.
I'll keep you updated to any news that may break!

March 07, 2009

Without Further Ado...

I present the James Frames 650B Aluminum Hardtail.
James Frames 650B aluminum Hardtail
JP and I began designing this bad boy nearly a year ago. Working with a custom builder with a wealth of knowledge, one can almost put the plan on autopilot. JP was very easy to work with, and we bounced ideas off one another over a few months and this is the end result. JP had never done a 650B before this, so there were a few hurtles to over come. One being (obviously) the new wheel size. I packed up my built Velocity Blunt with a tube and Neo-Moto and shipped it up to JP. He assessed the platform and we began working out the geometry. He quizzed me on my riding style, and what this bike's intended use would be. My preferences, and dislikes of my current bikes. I gave him a rough idea of the geometry I desired. He then emailed me a drawing, and we did some tweaking, shortly a revised drawing hit my inbox.
Originally I wanted an EBB so single speeding, as all my bikes become a ss at some point. I greatly dislike geared frames converted with a Singulator unit, and as this was a custom- I wanted it my way. Unfortunately JP doesn't offer EBBs in his aluminum builds. "Oh well" Plan B...SLIDERS. My VooDoo Bokor was equipped with sliding dropouts, which I never had a problem with, so I began a search for 7K series slider units. Enter Ahrens Bikes. I met Mike Ahrens at NAHBS last year (2008), and he was a super nice guy. I had him make some Wisecrackers and that transactions was east and smooth, so I gave him some more business. Mike manufactures small parts for custom builders utilizing aluminum frame bits. I purchased a set of sliders via the interweb, and Mike personally delivered them to me at Interbike 2008, with a huge smile, might I add.

The sliders then went onto JP in Colorado. At that point he had all the tubing in house and was able to begin fabrication and mock-up of the frame.
James Frames 650B aluminum hardtail custom
JP sent me a few images of the build process as things progressed.
James Frames 650B aluminum hardtail custom
(notice dropouts in fixture)
James Frames 650B aluminum hardtail custom
Then, around Christmas time an image of a complete frame hit my inbox. Next thing to decide was paint. James Frames even allows a choice of decal coloring, along with the paint job. We attempted a checkerboard within the font branding, but the words and graphic was just too cluttered. Instead I chose a goldleaf text with a primer grey paint job. Wet paint, not a powder coat.
James Frames 650B aluminum Hardtail
The frame was delivered faced and chased (less facing of BB shell as JP finds it is no longer necessary). Here is the final product. The sliding dropouts give the chainstays a minimal length of 16.25" with the 2.3" Neo Moto, WOW. James Frames 650B aluminum Hardtail
I'll be building this rig of over the next week or so. LX Cranks and Hydro Brakes, X-Fusion Velvet set at 130mm, single speed for starters. Various bits otherwise, you'll just have to wait and see the final build. Hopefully I'll have it completed by next Saturday for an annual 6hr race, I've done since I have moved to Tampa.

For more information about this builder visit