October 19, 2010

Creating the Perfect 650B Bicycle

I greatly apologize for the lack of content, once again, here at 650B Palace. Frankly, I have just been lazy. I have been using my iPhone WAY too much and haven't really sat myself down to post updates and promote and buzz in the industry. I've given myself a slap on the wrist and taken away 2 "Cool Points" and learned my lesson.
I'm back in full gear and haven given The 650B Palace a little face lift. As far as I can tell this remains to be the most direct source of 650B info on the web, along with MTBR's "650b, 69er and new wheel trends" forum. We've come a long way in the 650B dept for the MTB industry, as well as the rando/touring side of things. Rawland Cycles has designed some great, and interesting rigid bikes, and Haro gave us the geared Beasley with a White Bros suspended front end; along with the 650B Sonix - then came Jamis with their Dakar with 650Bs. Yet, which bike rules the 650B roost? Is there supremacy to be had? What would make the perfect 650B bike?
Short Travel Full Suspension? Long Travel Boinger? Long Travel Hardtail? Steel - Aluminum - Geared - Single - WHAT????? Riddle me this. i'd like to build up another 650B frame and have a 130mm travel steel hardtail single speed in mind, but want to also dabble with some rear suspension. What's a guy to do? Help me out. Drop some comments on what your dream 650B bike would be.

Here's some help, fill out this survey:
Frame Material:
Frame Travel:
Front Tire:
Rear Tire:
Brake Set-
Bottom Bracket and Style:
Crankset with chain-ring choice:
Headtube (ie, 1.5, 1.125, Tapered):
Headset :
Front Derailleur:
Rear Derailleur:
*If you prefer a singlespeed, place N/A where gears are applicable.

October 13, 2010

Meech Custom Cycles

Dimitri Harris from Meech Cycles has been busy creating custom bikes for his customers and friends, but still had time to build this beauty for himself. A fillet brazed steel frame featuring American Classic BXC wheelset along with FSA bits and a Gates Carbon Belt drive.
A short blurb from the Meech Homepage
"Custom frames start around $1000 and $1250 w/steel fork,if you want to throw a carbon fork on to save a little weight I can do that for you as well. All my frames are handmade by me here in Mountain Home, Arkansas and come with a 20 yr. warranty so if you are in the market for a custom steel frame I would be glad to build it for you. Thanks for checking out the blog and you can email me at meech151@hotmail.com or call (870)897-6703."

The Pacenti Mini-Moto revisited.

Pacenti Cycle Designs really got the ball roling for the 650B offroad market. In 2007 Pacenti showed up to NAHBS with a titanium hardtail sporting a custom White Bros suspension fork and rims rolled by Cane Creek. the chosen tires were also a custom made bit. The original tires were 29er WTB tires with a chunk cut out then stitched back together with a liquid rubber concoction I'd rather not detail (so folks don't start thinking it is absolutely safe). Shortly after that debut Pacenti Cycle Design released the 2.3" Neo-Moto, a legitmate 650B offroad tire made in the Panaracer factory in Japan.
In 2007 there was also talk of Pacenti's future releases in the Quasi-Moto and Mini-Moto. While the Quasi-Moto manifested, and then the 2.1" Neo-Moto the Mini-Moto was placed on the back burner while companies like Kenda, IRD, and Schwalbe also released tires, all 2.1" and above. Where has the Mini-Moto idea gone? Well, it is back, and the PRE-SALE has begun.

From the Rawland Blog
"Lately there has been discussion about the Pacenti Mini Moto, a 43c wide knobby 650b tire with a classic block pattern. I decided not to wait any longer for this phantom 650b cyclocross-type tire, so I talked with Kirk Pacenti, the designer and manufacturer of the excellent Pari Moto, Quasi Moto, and Neo Moto 650b tires. We agreed that the Mini Moto would go into production if I receive pre-orders for a total of 300 tires, or 150 sets."

Visit the Pre-Order page