January 25, 2010

A 650B Project

I have had this '99 Trek 930 from for a while now; it's in great structural condition and I've ridden it set-up many different ways. The last of which as a full rigid single speed. This steel beaut' has been hanging in the rafters long enough, because I have decided to build a Bridgestone Xo-1 Tribute bike. Grant Petersen now pushes the 650B format so I've figured I will build this as a 650B rigid, with cantilever brakes and a mustache bar. Yes the BB height will go up just a bit, but I'm OK with that: at least it is no longer collecting dust. I confirmed that the Pacenti Quasi-Moto will fit without a problem, but I think I'll be using the Schwalbe Marathon slicks most of the time. I also have some cheap 650B tires I found that would handle light trail duty as well. Either tire will fit fine along with a set of full fenders. I will be moving the canti mounts to achieve proper brake reach, on both the frame and the cromo rigid fork. I may even add rack mounts to the fork.

I'll update as the project progresses.

January 22, 2010

There's no wrong way to do 650B.

...and Hufnagel shows us how they do it right.

visit HUFNAGLE for more cycle sexiness.

January 21, 2010

Another Rando tire for 650B

Soma, as we all know, has been diggin the 650B format since 2007 when they showed their B-Side Prototype at Interbike. Since then they have brought the B-Side into production and also brought in the Fire XC tire for 650B under the IRD guise. I am happy to help announce Soma's new tire based on the Panaracer Pasela to be offered in a 650x38B.
Pacenti Cycle Design recently introduce their Pari-Moto tire in this same size. So alt wheel fans should have plenty to rejoice about.
Head over to Rene Herse's blog to read more on the new Soma tire.


From Diego.

"Hey, great organisation/research on the 650B world. One Q that's irritating the F out of me: (why) is nobody out there making a cx type 650B tire in the 35-42C range that can actually handle real trails and fit into road frames? For a do-it-all practical bike, I have my old road frame-city bike that I ride all snowy winter with beautiful jaunts into the trails but have tiny 25c cx tires on it. Any tire like this hiding somewhere out there?"

I'd like to think that I have all of the decent 650B tires listed to the left. I think the tire you're looking for is not yet produced. The folks over at Pacenti Cycle Designs has some tire designs and I believe they have the Mini-Moto on the drawing board. I too would love to see a tire similar to what you desire, and I'd put money down to say we're aren't the only two.
If you'd like to ride a more fledgling tire size in 650A, aka 26 x 1 3/8", Kenda offers a knobbie tire close to the range you mentioned. I know it is available from USA distributor SBS. While 650B has a bead seat diameter of 584, the 650A is at 590. SO, this elusive tire will not fit a true 650B.

January 20, 2010

Haro Takes the Beasley Full Geary

In 2009 Haro released their Beasley line with a single speed and a 1x9 version. For 2010 Haro made the jump to a full 27speeds and a White Bros suspension fork with 3.9" of travel. Haro has also bumped up the wheel quality on the geared version, utilizing WTB's Laser Disc Trail rim as opposed to the Weinmann rim of the SS. Last year's 1x9 was supplied with a basic handle bar, but this year the new Ritchey 10degree bar graces the front end.
They are still offering the single speed along with a righteous rigid fork and On-One's ultra sweepy Mary Bar. Both frames are 4130 double butted Chromoly steel. Haro dealers across the nation will likey be carrying the Beasley along side the 29r line of Mary and Ally bikes.

January 18, 2010

X-Fusion Shox

Well, I had a chance to give the folks at XFusion a call to get an update on the happenings. I spoke with John Valera and he gave me the low down on their up coming release of the new and improved Velvet for 2010. Now, this fork has an expected release date much earlier but due to production schedules the fork has gotten pushed back to a late Spring release. The '10 Velvet will feature a new lower magnesium casting and revised internals. The original Velvet has been moved down to the Velour R model, again with slightly modified internals. I'd like to call this the 'trickle-down effect'. The Vengeance will also be a longer travel 650b Compatible fork. The stock 26" version will boast 160mm worth of buttery travel and we can expect the B version to give 150mm. (Incorrect Information) The 2010 Velour will offer 120 for the B version and will be convertible to lower travel distances from the factory.
The new Velvet isn't viewable on their main website, but you can follow them via Twitter and on Facebook @ http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?v=info&ref=ts&id=1466855517

January 02, 2010


My last post was back in September, and I am sorry. There has been many things going on, and I have totally neglected 650BPalace. Alas, I am back to pick up where I left off. I haven't been hitting MTBR, nor communicating with industry insiders about ANYTHING. The last few day I have been trying to get courage to face the blogging public and resume regular posting to 650B Palace.
So, where I am! I am getting back to work, so give me a few days to get a new post going!