October 31, 2011

650B from 26" Convertible List

Brought to you by 650B Palace.com
650B from 26” Convertible List
·         Airborne
o   Zeppelin Elite
·         Azonic
o   Revenge
o   Steelhead
·         Banshee
o   Scratch
·         BMC
o   2008-11 Team Elite
·         Bianchi
o   SASS
o   BASS
o   PUSS
o   DISS
o   MUSS
·         Brodie
o   Cruzado
o   Catalyst
o   1-Ball
·         Canfield
o   Balance
·         Cannondale
o   2003 Gemini
o   2007 Prophet
o   Taurine
o   F3
o   F4
o   2007 Rush
·         Commencal
o   2009 Meta 5.5
·         Chumba
o   HX1
o   Evo
·         Evil
o   Sovereign
o   Revolt
·         Ellsworth
o   Epiphany
·         Foes
o   XCT
o   FXR
·         Gary Fisher
o   Fat Possom
·         GT Bicycles
o   Peace Single Speed
o   2010 Force
o   2010 Force Carbon
o   Zaskar Carbon
·         Haro
o   Sonix LT
o   Xeon
·         Ibis
o   Mojo
o   Mojo HD
·         Ibex
o   Atlas
·         Intense
o   Uzzi VP
·         Jamis
o   Exile
o   2007 Dragon Team
o   Dakar
o   Parker
o   2010 Xam2
·         K2
o   Factory 6.0
o   Apache 2.0
·         KHS
o   2008 XCT 555
·         Kona
o   Unit (with sliders)
o   2007 Coiler
o   Cowan (with sliders)
o   Humu
o   A’ha
·         Knolly
o   Endorphin
·         Litespeed
o   2010 Ocoee
·         Marin
o   Rift Zone
o   Wolf Ridge
o   Mt. Vision
·         Mountain Cycle
o   Fury
·         Merida
o   FLX 900
·         Morewood
o   Zula
o   Shova
·         Novara
o   2008 Method
·         Nicolai
o   Helius AC
·         Orange
o   R8
o   Patriot 6.6
o   Alpine
o   Five
o   ST4
·         Orbea
o   Occam
·         On One
o   2005+ Inbred
o   Scandal
·         Pivot
o   Firebird
·         Pipedream
o   Sirius R853
·         Ragley
o   Piglet
o   Mmmbop
·         Salsa
o   Ala Carte
§  vertical dropout
§  swinging dropout
o   El Santo
·         Santa Cruz
o   2008 Heckler (shock limit needed)
o   Bullet
o   BLT2
o Nomad (shock limit needed)

o Blur TRc
o   BLT Carbon
o   2011-12 Blur XC Carbon
·         Scott
o   2007 Spark 30
·         Schwinn
o   2008 Homegrown LTD
·         Sette
o   Serum
·         Sinister
o   Ridge
o   Splinter                                                                                                                 
·       Simplon   
     o   Racorblade  
o   Groove (2.1” tires)
·         Soul Cycles
o   Titan
o   Hooligan
o   Icon
·         Specialized
o   2011 Camber
o   Myka
o   2007 Enduro Elite
o   1998 Stumpjumper HT
o   S-Works Carbon HT
o   2008 Carbon Epic
o   2008 Pitch Pro
o   2010 Stumpjumper
o   2009-11 Stumpjumper FSR
o   2005-06 Rockhopper ht
o   2010 Epic AL
·         Spooky
o   Darkside
·         Surly Bikes
o   1x1
o   Instigator
o   Pugsley 
o    Troll

·         Transition Bikes
o   TransAm
·         Trek
o   Scratch
o   2009-11 8500/8000
o   Fuel 9.9 (2.1 Nevegal tested)
·         Titus
o   2001 Switchblade
o   2002 Motolite
o   Eleven
o   Fireline
o   2008-09 Guapo
o   Quasi-Moto
·         Turner
o   2006 5 Spot
o   2008 Sultan
o   2008 RFX
·         Ventana
o   El Chamuco
·         VooDoo
o   Bokor ( with sliders)
o   Bizango
o   Wanga ( with sliders)
o   Sobo
·         Weyless
o   2004 XP
      ·         Yeti
o   2006 575
o   Arc (year needed)

Information has been based off supplied data from the fine members of MTBR.com


Exhausted_Auk said...

The Surly Troll must very likely be convertible, as it has the same geometry, and the same or larger clearances, as the 1X1.

Anonymous said...

SC Nomad accepts 650b although you have to limit the travel (only slightly), and the SC Blur TRc also accepts 650b and goes through all of it's travel with the rear tire rubbing the rear derailleur cable when travel is fully compressed

Anonymous said...

2010 Specialized Epic alloy frames fit 650b with room to spare.

Anonymous said...

Yeti Arc fits 650b with tons of room!

Giant said...

Simplon Racorblade is also comp. with 650b
greetz from Holland

Anonymous said...

SC Nomad Carbon (medium) will not accept a 2.3" Kenda Nevegal, the tire buzzes the swing arm stay.....so wouldn't call it 650B convertable, no point running anything narrower on a bike like this.

SC Blur TRc accepts the above wide tire with ample clearance, you will have to reduce the shock bottom out stroke by minimum if 3mm to stop the tire from damaging the front derailuer cable and hitting the rear of your seat tube.

Singelspeed Belgium said...

Also Bronto Bon and Sobre Single French Frame) tested with Schwalbe Racing Ralf

Anonymous said...

Bianchi methanol 2009,2010,2011
bianchi oetzi 2008

Short Legs said...

Just fitted Stans 650b Crest wheels to my Scott Spark 10 2009, brilliant conversion and has breathed new life into this 26" which was just hanging in my garage. Not sure I want to ride my Tallboy anymore!

Anonymous said...

I have been running 650B with 2.3 neomotos on a 2011 Turner 5 spot. Fits with absolutely no issues.

aquaearl said...

I recently converted an Ellsworth Rogue to 650b. It has a talas 180 on the front. I had to put a slightly shorter travel shock on the back (a DT swiss ex200 8.75 x 2.5, from the stock DHX 8.75 x 2.75) so it still has 180 mm front and back. It is my all mountain bike and is now by far my favorite bike of all time (previously my Rip 9). The 650 makes this bike even more stable in DH/FR terrain. I would love a 2.5 650b tire option but the neo moto's have held up under most conditions.

bombing4x said...

I've got a 2007 Kona Coiler and was excited to see my frame on here. Found a good deal on a set of wheels on craigslist and pulled the trigger. Rear wheel didn't fit so had to do a little "customization."

bombing4x said...

Oh, but they fit my 09 SC Chameleon with no issues whatsoever..

Cracked Headtube said...

What was the problem? I fit a 2.3 NeoMoto in the shop, personally.

Cracked Headtube said...

What was the problem? I fit a 2.3 NeoMoto in the shop, personally.

Anonymous said...

lI have an 02 Yeti A.R.C. Ti. Someone says with room to spare assuming it was for the alloy frames. Does this apply to Titanium? I look and it with my 26 rear and it's going to be close.

Anonymous said...

Tomac 'Carbide Sl' '10 also fits! With Kenda Nevegal 2,1, Racing Ralph 2,25 en Neomoto 2,1.

Anonymous said...

I have a 2009 Epic marathon carbon in M size; the frame is ok for the 650b wheels ??
Thanks in advance

Jez Andrews said...

On-One Whippet also compatible.


Anonymous said...

Got a Pinarello Pina FV5 and 650b's fit with no problems.

Anonymous said...

What about Santa Cruz blur xcc-2010? Is this the definitive list or just the bikes that have tested with 650 wheels?

Anonymous said...

Since there is no way to make a comprehensive list, it would be very helpful to include bikes that do not fit so people aren't wondering if it's already been tried.

Anonymous said...

I'm looking into converting a 26" Stumpjumper FSR Expert EVO 2011.
Anyone tried/got some input?


Tara said...

Can I convert the epic elite 2011 26" to 650b, front fork is no issue but concerned about rear wheel.

Any one know if it will work.


Anonymous said...

2002 Yeti A.R.C Ti . using Stan's Flow with Pacenti Quasi Moto 2.0 Fits with room for bigger tire knobs. A 2.1 should work but not sure after that.

Anonymous said...

has anyone tried the 2011 kona abra cadebra conversion?

Anonymous said...

Has anyone tried/knows if an ASR-5 Alloy could be converted to 650b?

TheSlades said...

Converted a 2005 Cannondale Prophet, and built a very inexpensive 650 from a Sette Reken for my wife. Both running Nevegal 2.1...I live in the desert and rarely need wider tires.

Anonymous said...

Have a 2010 Giant XTC Carbon SL Frameset. Can anyone tell me if 650b will work. Or can someone give me a measurement on their wheel from the axle out to the tire edge so I can measur it up?

Unknown said...

Anyone know if I can fit 650b combo on a 2006 Specialized Enduro Pro??? Thanks!!!

TheSlades said...

If you live in Arizona I'm more than willing to let you try my wheel/tire set on your bike to see if they fit before you spend money on a conversion.

WaCycles said...

Convert my Giant XTC composite 2011 xs size with fox terralogic 100mm.Fit nicely with Kenda Nevegal 27.5 x 2.1 tyres.

Anonymous said...

Converted my SJ FSR Expert EVO 2011 with good results.

Pacenti TL28 rims with Kenda Nevegal 2.35" gives app. 5mm clearance at the back.

Anonymous said...

Has anyone tried a 2009 Specialized Safire FSR and what was clearance like. Was told no wider than a 1.95.

-Steve said...

Has anyone tried a 2007 Specialized S-Works Stumpjmper FSR? Looking at buying one used. Thanks.

jakulio said...

please help....has anyone tried converting their Stumpjuper FSR Expert 2010 to 650b??

Nifrodne said...

cotic souls works to

Cracked Headtube said...

Jakulio, The 2010 Stumpy Expert FSR will accept at least a Pacenti Quasi Moto! Have fun with your upcoming conversion!! have more questions? Feel free to email: jeremy (at) 650bpalace.com and find us on FACEBOOK! www.facebook.com/650bpalace

tokutji said...

Hi, finally my BMC TE02 converted to 650b, using :
1. Rims : Velocity Sinergy
2. Hub/Freehubs : Loaded
3. Tires : Kenda Karma 27.5 x 2.0

My BMC fork setup using DT Swiss Carbon XRC100.

although the tyre clearance on both wheels are very limited, but still compromiseable..
Nice riding though

Still conseidering buying 650b hardtail carbon frame and 650b fork also..
any recomendation for the carbon frame and 100mm fork ?

please enjoy this picture :

Uploaded with http://img6.imageshack.us/img6/1615/bmcte02650b.jpg

Gormaxxx said...

I'd really love to get the definitive word on whether a trek fuel ex from 2011 will take 650b in the rear. I've read elsewhere that they won't but my meausurements say they will. Can anyone help?

Anonymous said...

I see that on one scandal 26-er frame is in the list with convertiable to 650B frames. But it is not specified which on one scandal frame - with the vertical or the sliding dropout ?
I have one with vertical dropout and I am wondering if it will be ok with 650B tyre. If anyone has the answer it will be great :)
Thanks in advance.

Unknown said...

Anyone know what year and model Jamis Dakars work for 650b other than the newer ones?

Anonymous said...

I want to convert my Soul Cycle Hooligan 1st Gen frame to 650B, will this gonna work?

Anonymous said...

Chunba HX1 fits 2.35 Nevegal with room to spare. Initially had some front derailleur clearance issues but was able to make it work.

Paulo Duarte said...

2011 Merida Matts TFS 900 fits a 2.25" at the back but currently running a Kenda Nevegal 2.1" for a while without problems. Just changed the derailleur to a direct mount type with a problem solver adaptor to get a better mud clearance.

TheDrunkCuzin said...

I have a 06 Marin Wolf Ridge frame, my hubs are 142mm.. I've tried to put the rear wheel on but it's not fitting.. does anyone know if the make a dropout that accepts 142mm? or am i just screwed?

Cracked Headtube said...

The 06 Wolf Ridge uses standard 135mm vertical dropouts. Depending on what hub you are using, you may be able to get a conversion kit to allow you to use you currents wheels with the frame. As of right now your frame and rear hub are bot compatible with one another.

Anonymous said...

I think I just submitted that a 97 GT Avalanche can convert, wasn't supposed to do that. Apologies....

But this guy has done... so could be valid


Anonymous said...

I don't think the 1998 Stumpjumper HT works. The ones I have seen don't have disc brakes and don't appear to have enough clearance.

Anonymous said...

2005 Dakar Sport definitely does not fit. It barely fits a 26x2.2 tire.

Anonymous said...

Just wondering, but will an 07 SC Chameleon (with horizontal droupouts) work?

Unknown said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
bradmaddox said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Anonymous said...

Does anyone know if a 2008 Stumpjumper FSR frame will work, it looks tight, bummer as a 2009-11 FSR is apparently a good fit. I have ~2/3" between the seat stay brace and the current 26 x 2.1 Fire XC Pro.

Anonymous said...

Anyone know if 27.5" fit on a Santa Cruz Chameleon 4 and a 1995 Bontrager Race Lite?

Help is appreciated

hasnain raza said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
bradmaddox said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Unknown said...

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Unknown said...

I have a 2004 specialized enduro sworks, has anyone tried to convert it?

Unknown said...


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singlespeedguy said...

My old Bridgestone MB3 with SS dropouts that I brazed on works well with a Bomber fork as a 650b conversion. The only thing I don't like is the BB height is a little too tall.

Unknown said...

Do you make it?

Anonymous said...

Does anybody know if the 2012 Specialised Stumpjumper 26" is convertible to 650B?

Herry Johnson said...

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tiendas said...

Thanks for the info, thinking of converting my stumpjumper fsr

Anonymous said...

No one ever mentions the most important factor...wheel width or at least what wheel they are using as it can cause as much of a change as the tire brand/size.

for example, tried and true

2007 Cannondale Rush (no swingarm brace)

2.5 maxxis wide trail on WTB !35 asym rim, lefty speed dlr 110


neo moto 2.3 mounted on a velocity blunt 35
-full travel with no seatube rub
-over 1/8" but less than 1/4" chainstay clearance at very point of side nubs. Never any contact due to flex. Its a very nice setup and makes these old frames a great ride. If it were muddy enough to cause a clearance problem I wouldn't be out wrecking the trails or I'd run the 2.1 neo or trim a 2.3 a tiny bit if i thought it was a concern, but it has never been an issue.

Anonymous said...

Got Yeti A.R.C Ti. Installed C.B. Cobalt3 with Schwalbe Rocket Ron 2.1 tubeless easy.
Not much room on the rear.
Had to re alighn and cut the nobs on the rigth side.
Once the jobs done, it works and looks great. But I would not race it..

Unknown said...

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Anonymous said...

The list says that a 27.5 will fit on the trek scratch but do we know what tire widths will fit, mtbr shows a 2.3 but is that any 2.3 tire? just wanted to see if anybody knew.


Used PC Supplier said...

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pj said...

agreeing with the #Banshee #Scratch.
almost hanged the Scratch frame for retirement being too heavy for trails but out of the blue tried a 650B wheel with tire size 27.5 x 2.1.
The Scratch became a single speed runabout/errand "maintenance-free" bike.

James said...

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Unknown said...

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Anonymous said...

2008 26r Stumpjumper Hardtail...fitted 27.5x2.25 with great clearance in all areas needed to be cleared, not certain I can go wider yet in the rear but the front has tons of space. Noted round tires work for the rear...not sure about taller edged knobs.

Unknown said...

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nmettos said...

Hello. Does the canyon nerve xc 2014 accepts 27.5" wheels? Thanks Nick

Unknown said...


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Anonymous said...

Cracked Headtube...
Sorry mate but I filled out the section where you add a bike thinking it was a search function. Really sorry about that! It was for the Foes FXR with Maxxis Larsen TT 26x2.0 tyres.
I was trying to find out if i could fit 650B on this particular bike.
If at all possible could you delete this bike?

Unknown said...

Hi, I am asking if anyone successfully convert Colnago Ferrari CX50 26' to 27.5?

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Ride Safe Always said...

Giant Faith 0 2010
with RC445 Long Dropout, you can fit, Michelin DH35 27.5 2.4 as it is not a high volume tire. It has about 5mm of clearance. Or just have a custom 450mm dropout made but it will be hard to wheelie 😉.

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Anonymous said...

What size of tires did you use

Anonymous said...

usually 1.95 to 2.1
was able to use a used 2.35 - just shaved some of the side knobs