April 30, 2009

Jamis 650B Explained

Craig Hoyt with a quick interview about the new 5" travel 650B bike from Jamis.


April 21, 2009

Jeremiah Bishop talks about his 650B/26 bike.

TI 650B

Hey you, AU! This is a prototype from Definitive more info when it breaks.

Kenda Nevegal Instock

The voluptuous 2.35" Kenda Nevegal is finally instock at Quality Bicycle Products. Your local shop can order them at their will. Over 50 units instock. No site of the 2.1" version yet. I'll keep a look out and notify when those hit!
Daily we are getting closer to the 2.1" Neo-Moto's arrival. We. Wait.


Xfusion has made it official for their newest Velvet release. The next gen Velvet will have a more standard offset, be offered in a 1.125" - 1.5" steer tube (as well as a standard 1.125"), and offer a 15TA option. I have an image of their catalog page, which I will post later.

In other news, 650BPalace will be collaborating with a frame manufacturer to assist with a design of a new 650B specific hardtail, and possibly a 5" travel frame. The process began today, so I'd rather keep the manufacturer under wraps. Wheels and tires will be shipping out tomorrow to designers can gear up and get more familiar with the format. More news as it comes!

April 11, 2009

Sharing 650B Links.

Some words from MTBR regarding Ahrens Custom Bicycles

Soma Fab info: B-Side Released

April 09, 2009


The new MountainBike Magazine has hit news stands along with a 4 page feature about 650B.
Jamis is planning a 5" travel model for 2010. Frame sizes will include 13", 15",17",19"21". It's price is not yet publicized.
The articles also include the Ventana El Bastardo, Haro's Sonix prototype, the Haro Beasley 1x9 and inamges of the Beasley SS and White Bros Magic 650B fork.
The articles include interviews with Kirk Pacenti, Patrick CRosby of Haro, Craig Hoyt of Jamis, and Sherwood Gibson of Ventana.
Do what you need to get your grubby hands on thie issue! The cover has a photos of Eric Porter doing a wallride with the text GO BIG.

check it.

April 05, 2009

James Frames, Custom 650B

OK, my JP Boylan built frame is a complete bike, and refined! I had it built up in mid March, but it needed a few changes- which have occurred. The original build consisted of a too lengthy of a stem, and too high of handlebars. I've brought the steering lower and changed the fork from the X-Fusion Velvet to the Maverick SC32. This mandated a new front wheel, too. Luckily I had a matching rim laced to a Maverick 24/7 hub. The IRD Fire XCPro B* model Tires are very good, but I am waiting to mate my Pacenti 2.3" NeoMoto to the upcoming 2.1" Neo Moto on the rear.
I haven't taken this version off road yet, but pedaling in the neighborhood has me stoked for the trail.
Here is the final (hopefully) version of the James Frames 650B custom aluminum build. Unless, for some odd reason I choose to add gears...
Custom James Frames 650B Aluminum

Custom James Frames 650B Aluminum
Custom James Frames 650B Aluminum
Custom James Frames 650B Aluminum

JP is a great builder, who at one time worked for Dean Titanium, and I've heard he helped Walt of Waltworks get started. Check him out at www.jamesframes.com

(* I will be posting a write up on the IRD Firx 650B tire very soon)

April 03, 2009


CANNONDALE'S 650B Test Confirmed
JB raced on 650B.

Modified, even.

For the complete article check out:


More on Haro Sonix 650B

I know a Haro rep in California, and he was kind enough to send me a few images of his freshly built 650B Sonix. Sean has this bad boy built with a X-Fusion Velvet, Ameircan Classic BXC's, Full XTR, and carbon steering components. Definetely and bike to lust over.
Thanks for the pics Sean Kneale!