June 25, 2008

No More Excuses!

BikeLugs.com is at it again. SALE SALE SALE!
If you were thinking about fab'ing a custom frame for yourself, or just want to meddle with a torch and steel tubing, Pacenti Cycle Design is having a huge Sale!
Even the White Bros Fluid 130 650B Specific fork is EVEN LOWER.
Potential 650B users and custom frame builders need to take advanage of this gnarly sale.
for More info.

June 17, 2008

I don't NEED 2 kidneys..

Lynskey Fab steps up.....

June 15, 2008

Some Good Words

I found another post from good ol' Mickey.
Check out his 650B Demo here:


QBP is outta stock...

On Pacenti's Neo-Moto rubber. I'm sure they will be re-filling their inventory as they state:
"650B is the new Black"

Most LBSs order from Quality Bicycle Products they're huge in our industry. If you want some Neo-Motos now goto Rawlandcycles.com, on sale with free shipping.

June 11, 2008

BikeLugs.com, Get It Cheap While You Can!

Bikelugs.com is blowing out heir inventory of White Bros Fluid 130 forks, only a few left and the sale ends soon!!! If you want a 650B Specific longer travel fork, the time is now!


Also, the second tire from Pacenti Cycle Design is being relased soon, the Pre-Orders are stacking up and the first batch will likely sell out quick. Get your Pre-Order in ASAP to secure a set of Quasi-Moto 2.0x 650B tires. I'm loving mine, but have sent them off to a racer in Utah for additional dirt time.