April 22, 2010

Jamis Reviewed.

I found a nice write up on the Jamis Sixfifty over on "B Fast Racer"

check it.


April 10, 2010

Trek 650B Conversion: Built.

I've finally finished the Trek 930 conversion. I've given the bike limited saddle time, but it was never intended to be a main bike. I basically tossed it together with a few extra parts, and a few new ones. I am using the Schwalbe Marathon 650x42b tires and they seem a bit on the heavy side. Even when using a MTB cassette on a paved trail the wheels were just heavy to push. The Sun cr18 rims are not a massive rim, and I used aluminum nipples to help with rotating weight. The Marathons are a wire bead and have a thick hide to help fight punctures, so there lies the extra mass. I've been riding mustache-style bars for about 6 years now, so this bike is ever-so comfy. . .
I moved/replaced the canti studs 10mm higher on both the seat stays and the rigid fork. Going with a larger diameter wheel I added a set of fenders that came as original equipment on my Bianchi Castro Valley a few years ago. The Bianchi used 700x28c tires, but these fenders engulfed that tire, and also has no trouble covering the 650x42b.
This bike will receive a bright powder coat job for visibility purposes, at which point to may stay or get sold for face value. I know the rear stays have plenty of room for the Quasi-Moto, but I haven't checked the Fire XC 2.1, ot the Schwalbe 2.25 Racing Ralph (perhaps when I have an extra 10min).
Fun little project. The Trek 930B.

April 01, 2010

650c, 650b, 700c, now 750c??? Just wait.

The fine folks from Velocity are solving the sizing issue once again and prodiving large road riders with a huge rim in 750C. With the BSD of 700c being 622mm, this new concoction of a wheel will measure 673mm. Old 27" wheels measured 630mm. 750C will be yet another option for tall riders much like 29" was for the MTB scene.
Though this is not news designed for 650B Palace, the theories are clear. Wheel sizes proportionate to the rider. Velocity is testing their ideas in secret laboratories with locked doors and freakishly tall humans.
Great, now I'm going to need a new truing stand....
Read more at the Velocity USA Blog site.