December 30, 2011

News About!

I spent a few minutes on the phone yesterday and gathered some useful tidbits of information, the abridged version:

Pacenti working to release new sizes of their tire line. Other things changing behind the scenes, but all in order to move forward and grow the line!

A "North-of-the-Boarder" company will soon be receiving some tires (from an undisclosed manufacturer) for 650B testing.
More Big "S" rumors are swirling, but don't ask them directly, you'll get the cold shoulder. They seem to be keeping their lips sealed about 650B development.
Vee Rubber has confirmed the production of their Mission  27.5x2.1" tire, with plans to produced a larger  volume version very soon. In addition to a second Mission, Vee Rubber's US Marketing Director Jim Wannamaker hopes to have more 27.5" tires in prototyping phase by summer time.

Taipei Bicycle Show brought much 650B interest from European companies. They are easier to adopt 650B as it has been used on 'trekking' bikes for 30 years now. This interest will likely lead to ramped production of 650B rims and specific frames.

December 03, 2011

Turner Bikes: 650B Prototype Confirmed

In a recent interview with David Turner, his company Turner Bikes, plan to produce a DW Link 650B Trail bike based off the 5.Spot.  Dave is currently testing the bike, and will likely see production once Sultan demand has been fulfilled.
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