March 31, 2009

Shamrock Cycles
Groovy Cycleworks

These companies have what in common??
They are all featured in the fresh edition of Dirt Rag's NAHBS coverage,
with their 650B off road bicycles.
You damn right.
Haven't gotten yours yet?

March 30, 2009 is blowing out ALL 650B merchandise. TIRES FORKS and RIMS all 650b specific with SLASHED PRICES! A Summer time sale? Who cares?! Just stock up on tires and rims, prices so low you won't want to pass this opportunity up! SALE LASTs UNTIL FRIDAY April 3rd.

March 25, 2009

Cannondale Rumors Swirl

You make the call. This is Jeremiah Bishop's bike (and his legs). Rumors are rising of Cannondale testing the 650B on the front of the team bikes.
Nothing official from the Cannondale camp, but I have gotten word that 650B Rims and Tires were sent to Cannondale some 18 months ago. (Little birds- chirp chirp)

Check MTB RACE NEWS for the full story.

March 24, 2009

We're Moving!

Be sure to adjust your book marks! This site is currently located at but if you goto you will be re-directed to the BLOGSPOT address. The new home will be the , yes we will be a true dot-com.
The Blogspot addy will remain, but no longer updated.

March 19, 2009

This is all you need to know for now...

March 18, 2009

Not 650B Related...

Sorry, I couldn't pass the opportunity to post this informative Vid.
It's not in English, but you'll figure it out.

I guess I'll have 650B Palace bells made soon.

March 17, 2009


650B Racing Ralph
Originally uploaded by Cracked Headtube
The American Classic 650BXC wheelsets are now in stock! Currently only the geared version, though. This time it is NO JOKE! I pulled a goof last April 1, but this time the wheelsets are instock. They are to be sold as pairs only at this time.
Give American Classic a call for ordering details.
800-813-5545, 10am-6pm EST.

March 08, 2009

Little Birds....

Little birds have notified me of 2 650B hardtails in the works. I have a contact at the manufacturer., but he has yet to confirm, or even reply to my emails... I think the silence speaks volumes. The rumor is 2 hardtails, but we have yet to see the Fuji that was getting prototyped, so if we get one, I'll be stoked.
I can tell you that this company has been making mountain bikes for years, and is in MANY IBDs and have a few shipping warehouses throughout North America. Another hint would be to tel that some of their current hard tails can already fit the 650B knobbies on the market.
I'll keep you updated to any news that may break!

March 07, 2009

Without Further Ado...

I present the James Frames 650B Aluminum Hardtail.
James Frames 650B aluminum Hardtail
JP and I began designing this bad boy nearly a year ago. Working with a custom builder with a wealth of knowledge, one can almost put the plan on autopilot. JP was very easy to work with, and we bounced ideas off one another over a few months and this is the end result. JP had never done a 650B before this, so there were a few hurtles to over come. One being (obviously) the new wheel size. I packed up my built Velocity Blunt with a tube and Neo-Moto and shipped it up to JP. He assessed the platform and we began working out the geometry. He quizzed me on my riding style, and what this bike's intended use would be. My preferences, and dislikes of my current bikes. I gave him a rough idea of the geometry I desired. He then emailed me a drawing, and we did some tweaking, shortly a revised drawing hit my inbox.
Originally I wanted an EBB so single speeding, as all my bikes become a ss at some point. I greatly dislike geared frames converted with a Singulator unit, and as this was a custom- I wanted it my way. Unfortunately JP doesn't offer EBBs in his aluminum builds. "Oh well" Plan B...SLIDERS. My VooDoo Bokor was equipped with sliding dropouts, which I never had a problem with, so I began a search for 7K series slider units. Enter Ahrens Bikes. I met Mike Ahrens at NAHBS last year (2008), and he was a super nice guy. I had him make some Wisecrackers and that transactions was east and smooth, so I gave him some more business. Mike manufactures small parts for custom builders utilizing aluminum frame bits. I purchased a set of sliders via the interweb, and Mike personally delivered them to me at Interbike 2008, with a huge smile, might I add.

The sliders then went onto JP in Colorado. At that point he had all the tubing in house and was able to begin fabrication and mock-up of the frame.
James Frames 650B aluminum hardtail custom
JP sent me a few images of the build process as things progressed.
James Frames 650B aluminum hardtail custom
(notice dropouts in fixture)
James Frames 650B aluminum hardtail custom
Then, around Christmas time an image of a complete frame hit my inbox. Next thing to decide was paint. James Frames even allows a choice of decal coloring, along with the paint job. We attempted a checkerboard within the font branding, but the words and graphic was just too cluttered. Instead I chose a goldleaf text with a primer grey paint job. Wet paint, not a powder coat.
James Frames 650B aluminum Hardtail
The frame was delivered faced and chased (less facing of BB shell as JP finds it is no longer necessary). Here is the final product. The sliding dropouts give the chainstays a minimal length of 16.25" with the 2.3" Neo Moto, WOW. James Frames 650B aluminum Hardtail
I'll be building this rig of over the next week or so. LX Cranks and Hydro Brakes, X-Fusion Velvet set at 130mm, single speed for starters. Various bits otherwise, you'll just have to wait and see the final build. Hopefully I'll have it completed by next Saturday for an annual 6hr race, I've done since I have moved to Tampa.

For more information about this builder visit

Sea Otter is Just Around the Corner...

...and Haro will be there. "Mr. C" phoned me this week to let me in a few bits of info.
Haro will have a fleet of Beasleys for those podering the effects of an in-betweener wheel size, ala 650B. He also wanted me to notify everyone there will be 2 650B Sonix at their tent as well. I have found out there are 4 650B Prototypes currently in the USA. The 2 brand managers of Haro are both rocking one, and a SoCal sales rep now has one in his possesion. I used to work with the outside rep, but he refuses to lend me the SonixB. The 4th prototype remains in the Haro HQ so they can nail down decal placement and final graphic choice. Once those decisions have been made Haro has promised to complete the build and send it to me, free of charge so I can ride it and laugh and point at others who do not have one, and must wait to pay full retail price of said bicycle. Everything in this post is true, with the exception of the last sentence. Too bad, so sad- for me. Here is a reminder photo of the VL equipped SonixB prototype. How do you like the color?

Linkin' it.

This was sent to my INBOX, so I figured I'd share with everyone.


A chat with Sherwood Gobson of Ventana with a 650B mention.

March 06, 2009

By Overwhelming Demand

Here is the winning photo for the Kenda tire contest.
Congrats to Jim Schweppe, and bunny.
Kenda 2.1" Nevegals are en route!

March 01, 2009

Photo Contest Drawing

The 650BPalace hosted a photo contest sponsored by Kenda Tire. The prize is a pair of fresh off the boat Kenda Nevegals, either 2.1 or 2.35 width sizes.
I will post the winning image in a few days! I'd like to carry the suspense and force everyone to watch the vid!