April 05, 2009

James Frames, Custom 650B

OK, my JP Boylan built frame is a complete bike, and refined! I had it built up in mid March, but it needed a few changes- which have occurred. The original build consisted of a too lengthy of a stem, and too high of handlebars. I've brought the steering lower and changed the fork from the X-Fusion Velvet to the Maverick SC32. This mandated a new front wheel, too. Luckily I had a matching rim laced to a Maverick 24/7 hub. The IRD Fire XCPro B* model Tires are very good, but I am waiting to mate my Pacenti 2.3" NeoMoto to the upcoming 2.1" Neo Moto on the rear.
I haven't taken this version off road yet, but pedaling in the neighborhood has me stoked for the trail.
Here is the final (hopefully) version of the James Frames 650B custom aluminum build. Unless, for some odd reason I choose to add gears...
Custom James Frames 650B Aluminum

Custom James Frames 650B Aluminum
Custom James Frames 650B Aluminum
Custom James Frames 650B Aluminum

JP is a great builder, who at one time worked for Dean Titanium, and I've heard he helped Walt of Waltworks get started. Check him out at www.jamesframes.com

(* I will be posting a write up on the IRD Firx 650B tire very soon)


MMcG said...


Let us know how that Fire XC/Pacenti Neo? combo works out on the trail.

What's the weight on that bike? 23 pounds? Or less than that even?

umarth said...
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umarth said...

It is a great looking frame. Want to post specs somewhere? I was curious about the seatpost and saddle and want to know when flipping the fork started happening for mountain bikes.

Cracked Headtube said...

Component List:
Fork- Maverick SC32, 650B tuned.
Headset- American Classic UL
Stem- Truvativ XR 75
Bar- FSA 282
Grip- ODI Ruffian Loc-On
Levers- Shimano XT Hydro
Seat Post- American Classic NS post
Saddle- T.H.E. Lux
Clamp- Salsa LipLoc
Cranks- Shimano LX HTII, with 34t ring, and Monkey Wrench Cycles chainring guide
BB-LX external
Chain-SRAM 9spd chain
Cog- Endless Bike Co, Kick Ass Cog, 16t
Front Hub- Maverick 24/7
Rear Hub- American Classic SS
Rims- Velocity Blunt
Tires- Neo-Moto Front, IRD FireXCB Pro
Brake Caliper- Shimano LX Hydro

Cracked Headtube said...

Umarth: "want to know when flipping the fork started happening for mountain bikes. "

This has been going on for YEARS.
Companies like Bombshell Parts, Marzocchi offers the Shiver, Manitou has the Dorado, Atomlab has uni-crown inverted suspension fork, even. White Bros has been building them in the USA. Needless to say, this is not a new idea.
With Maverick's forks, thye have made the 26 and 29" compatible with a Maverick travel reducing spacer. With a modified spacer, the fork can be a dedicated 650B suspension fork.

umarth said...

Do you know if the inverted fork idea was stolen from motorcycles or vice versa? I'm fairly new to mountain biking and I've only ridden a rigid bike, so I don't pay much attention to suspension. I really like your build....