May 28, 2009

Is It June Yet?

June. We are SO close! Why June, you ask? Well, because the 2.1 Neo Moto lands in JUNE. That's why! Pacenti Cycle Design had a HUGE, and shocking, hit with the 2.0 Quasi Moto, so follow up tire had to be a NEED rather than a want. Folks demanded a smaller volume, aggressive knob'd tire, so Pacenti will be soon delivering the 2.1" NEO MOTO. When they land 650BPalace will be the first with official images of the tire. Originally, the tire line-up was to be Neo Moto, Quasi Moto, and Mini Moto. There are also rumors of another tread coming from Pacenti, as they have pushed back development of the Mini Moto. Only a rumor as I haven't gotten any word on the tread design or pattern.
And what are those damn fork makers up to? Maverick can custom tune your DUC or SC32 for 650B use. X-Fusion's 2010 model will be 650b ready. White Bros are still kicking out their Magic and Fluid 650B models. These manufacturers are definitely helping the cause when it come to a safe fork choice, but the population is still not happy. Why couldn't the Rock Shox Pike be tuned specifically for 650B? The 2.3" Neo clears the arch. How about a travel limitation added to a 650B specific Pike?
Anyways, check back VERY soon for news on the 2.1" Neo Moto. They will be available directly through Pacenti Cycle Designs by visiting

You are now free to move about the cabin.


jkeiffer said...

What are the 2.1 Neo's going to weigh? I need one...

Anonymous said...

As the saying goes. "if you have to ask, it weighs too much".