November 27, 2007

What makes a Maverick???

Magically, a nice man wearing a brown uniform stood before me, asking for a signature, whilst holding a box. A purdy SC32 showed up at the office today. We all examined it thoroughly, and I decieded it needed a 650B wheel in it. First up, I'll use it for 26" application, but soon after, you bet yer bottom, I'll be chopping those 29er travel reducers in half, installing them and I'll have myself a SC32B, perhaps the first one. Hm...lucky me. STAY TUNED!

November 25, 2007

MTBR Username: Peanutbutter

A Quote from MTBR:

"older fox forks

i just got back from a ride on a converted kona unit with neo-motos and what is i think a 2004/05 fox vanilla. the tire has penty of clearance in the fork, and barely fits with the rear wheel jammed forward, so if youve got a good gear ratio and can slide it back a tiny bit, there is no problem.
summary: neo-moto fits older fox models!"

I guess it's safe to say the Neo-Motos fit the Kona Unit, as well. The Unit is one of my favorite bikes from Kona, very versatile, and I love steel...
I am contacting Peanutbutter to try and get a photo of his/her conversion!

November 24, 2007

The folks over at RAWLAND Cycles are NOW retailing Neo-Moto tires directly from their website.
Help support the first US based 650B dedicated company!!!
They have nice caps too, and coasters so you don't ruin your work bench due to sweaty beer.

Over coming the Plauge.

OK I've survived...let the bloggin' reconvene!!

SO I visited a shop a few weeks ago WITHOUT my camera, but still posted my findings. I have since revisited that shop, camera in hand, to complete the task. So here they are.

Caonnondale Prophet, with fully compressed shock. No tire rub. Though the front derailleur come close. My assistant: Gary Palmer. The 2nd Tampa rider on 650B MTB wheels. Welcome aboard.
Now the Scott Spark 30:
Great clearance throughout the rear wheel travel. I'd love to get this bike on the trail, B'r equipped. Plenty of chain and seat stay clearance to keep you moving.
Specialized Enduro.
Front dérailleur rubs when shock is emptied, and in granny gear. Nice pedals, eh? Otherwise, I believe this could be converted.
*****I'd like to add a disclaimer. Using 650B wheels on a standard 26" wheeled frame MAY void the bike warranty. Check with the bike's manufacturer to confirm warranty policies. I am in no way currently affiliated with any frame manufacturers featured on this blog. I will do my best to answer questions asked, within my realm of knowledge. If I don't know the answer, I won't BS you. As always please support your local bike shop. Thanks and please, keep stopping by for more updates!!

November 21, 2007

Still alive.

Sorry for the lack of post this week, I'm battling a fierce cold. I have load of images to upload and info to share. This evening I'll get some pics up!
I returned to the Specialized and Scott Dealer, and visited another shop too! Images coming soon!

November 18, 2007

A refresher

BSD the usual suspects:
700c = 622mm
650B = 584mm
26" = 559mm

Some other guys:
650c = 571mm
700b = 635mm
Schwinn S-6 = 597mm

November 15, 2007


SUN-RINGLE/HAYES BLOG (click for link)

EQUALIZER RIM 650B Candidate


I received word that Sun-Ringle is SERIOUSLY tossing around the 650B rim for MTB use.
Kirk Pacenti ( contacted me, and had this to say:

" They are expecting the first samples of their new "Equalizer" series 650b rims in a week or so. The Equalizer rims will be available in 21-29mm widths, but it sounds like the 650b version will only be offered in the 27mm width initially. They also plan to offer this rim built up into their Charger wheel system in the 650b size.

If you are interested... please contact directly as they are attempting to gauge interest in the wheel size before mass production begins."

Looks like the Hayes Bicycle Group, owners of Sun-Ringle, Hayes Brakes Systems, Wheelsmith, and the Answer/ Manitou line, is on point, and seeing the potential of our Revived wheel size, 650B. Personally I'm excited to see ANOTHER company showing serious interest and going the mile to produce a test line.

November 12, 2007

LBS Visit Part 2

I visited University Bicycle Center this evening wielding the 650Bs.

You all will be happy to read these results. Unfortunately my camera was dead, so images will have to wait. I did take some nice notes.


  • Prophet 2008 - FIT!! About 4mm clearance on the stays.
  • Carbon Rush 2008 - No FIT. There is a bolt on brace that the Neo-Moto hits, prohibiting wheel rotation.
  • F3 - FIT! The front derailleur come very close, leaves andmuck will get stuck. And seatstay bridge may have been too close for some folks liking.
  • Headshock Ultra- No Fit, there is a schrader valve contacting tire,no good.

  • S Works Stumpjmper FS - No FIT
  • 2007 Enduro Elite - FIT! Front derailleur has 1.5mm clearance, could probably adjust it for better clearance, or just run a single ring.
  • 2008 Myka Sport, the ladies version of the Hardrock- FIT! Surprisingly a great FIT. Even the stock fork fit the 650B, a RST Capa T26 ML, fit with clearance less than the Fox, but did not rub, about 5mm.
Last, my favorite discovery.
This Carbon Fiber chassis will definitely see some B'r wheels from someone in the future. Good clearance all the way around! It came setup with a Rock Shox fork that didn't fit the 27.5" wheels, but the rear fit nicely!

** Please note, the full suspension models listed did not have the air released from their shocks to check travel clearance, I will do more research when the camera is again charged**
Sorry for the lack of images this time, I'll return to the shop for a photo session. MORE TO COME. Kona is next on the list!

November 10, 2007

LBS Visit part One.

This weekend I stopped by the Trek Store in Lakeland, FL. Their mechanic, Chris helped me out, pulling bikes from the racks, and throwing the 650B wheels into them. We on found ONE model there that could accept, Fisher's FAT POSSUM. A single pivot all mountain ride, similar to Santa Cruz's Heckler. BUT, with the shock emptied of all it's air, the tire would hit the seat-tube, and the front derailleur's cable stop. This would occur ONLY if you totally bottomed out the shock. So, it would be a gamble. I pedaled the Fat Possum LX around the lot, B'r equipped, it felt much like a traditional 26" wheel, and looked the part too. The rear end had the clearance at the Seat and chain stays to fit the Neo-Moto.
For Forks, we found 2 QR models just big enough to handle the 650B wheel. First the Manitou Nixon, Comp with 145mm Travel. The Reverse Arch allowed the Neo-Moto, but not by much. As did the Manitou Stance ( equipped on the Fisher "Bitter"). I'll be swinging by another shop Monday after the j-o-b. Its a non-trek store, again, I'll have my camera and wheels! Check back soon!

November 09, 2007

A long Saturday of B'r

Tomorrow I'm hitting up a few bike shops with the 27.5" wheels in hand to shove into some frames. Any fit request? I'll have my camera to document those that work. Forks too. . . Post your request in the next 15 hours. GO!

November 03, 2007

username Steelbike

Steel Bike posted his new B'r ride on MTBR

Gunnar Ruffian Single Speed built on Velocity Synergys

I don't think Gunnar uses horizontal dropouts any more. I'm pretty sure they moved to Sliders or EBB. Nice to see the V-Brakes were still being used with a bit of clearance left! Thank you SteelBike for your post!

I didn't want to be the trigger-man...

I've heard from within the industry that Kenda will be adding their name to a few (possibly 3) 27.5" MTB tires for 2008. They had nothing at their booth at Interbike, but a VERY reliable source offered this info to me.
Also, MTBR posters have mention KORE to be rolling rims with a 584 bead seat. One more option for us. Look like this won't be pushed aside for years like the 29er movement!
Start emailing your favorite component and bike manufacturers requesting 27.5" stuffs !!!

Someone's been busy...

Kirk posted these images at MTBR for a first look. I saw this frame at Interbike in September still in its plastic protective wrapping, but wasn't brave enough to photograph it for posting... as it wasn't even supposed to be at the show.

Pacenti Cycle Designs steel B'r:

I really like the chainstay mounted disc tabs. LeMond is doing the same thing with their Poprad Disc model. Kirk, no "P" on the seat tube?

A conservative 650B but the price doesn't reflect...

The folks Rivendell have been preaching 650B wheeled bike for a few years now, but the Bombadil (pictured below) is their first offering in the MTB realm. Obviously its steel, and lugged. Both very items in the cycle world, but its stuck in the past with its 1" headtube. I would assume it will be offered with the matching fork, as its will be pretty much the only option, unless you're getting a fork custom build. Still, its a pretty neat bike and i'm sure they'll sell a few. Retail price sits at $1,500.

(NOTE: I'm not sure what tires are mounted below, but they looks narrower than Pacenti's Neo-Moto, perhaps whis could be a 650B that will easily fit your standard 26" MTB frame.)

Fat Bob on MTBR says

"Or it could be that 700c rolls great over things, but is slower and less flickable than a 26". 26" is quick & nimble, but has a tougher time getting over stuff, so split the difference and have a wheel size big enogh to roll over things with ease, but light and fast enough to flick and transition quickly."

Fat Bob gets a gold star.

November 01, 2007

My personal B'r : a nice brew

Well, I had an email hit my box this morning wanting to see my personal ride. So, here it is.
A Soul Cycles Dillinger, retailing at $345, plus shipping.
I build this up on a 29er frame because I wasn't totally sure if their 26" Hooligan would handle the 650Bs. I'll probably order one very soon to find out. This frame has an eccentric BB, so I put it at nearly it highest point and achieved a 12.125" BB height!!! Excellent! Florida has loads of rooted trails and I haven't hit one yet! Again the X Fusion's Velvet is up front. Boasting 130mm of travel, it put the front end just where it needs to be to keep the geometry unaltered. On my last 29r I needed a goofy flat bar and a negative rise stem to get my position right, but not with this setup.
Current Confiugration
Soul Cycle Dillinger Frame
X Fusion Velvet R fork
American Classic UL headset
Truvativ XR 80mm stem
Ritchey Rizer Bar
LX Shifters
Avid Speed Dial Levers
LX Crankset/bb
American Classic 31.6 Post
XT Front and Rear Dérailleurs
SRAM Cassette and Chain
Avid BB 5 Disc brakes
American Classic wheels using Velocity Blunts.
WTB Saddle and grips
PACENTI Neo-Moto 27.5"x 2.3 Rubber.