July 05, 2010

Creating an Offroad Conversion

With a small number of production 650B frames and complete bikes the question of converting an existing bike to except the 650B wheel format. I have experimented heavily to find frames that will accept the MID sized wheel, mainly in the beginnging as now others have adopted the 584 wheel and aided in the search.
An easy and obvious candidate would be any 29er frame. Alas, installing a smaller-than-designed-for wheel into a bike/frame would typically have negative effects. The bottom bracket height drops, and the length of the chainstays remain less than optimal. When designing bicycles the long-time standard has been the 26" wheel, so many designers base theories from the 16"-17" chainstay lengths we are used to from the antiquated 26er. This distance proves best as the rear axle is close behind and below the rider. In many cases as found in early posts of this blog 26" wheeled frames can accept the larger 27.5" wheel also. Less design compromises are made.
So we find ourselves converting 26" designed bikes before the 29ers. The sized changed will be felt positively more so when installed on the shortest chainstay available, IE the 26".
Moving from a 26"-27.5" wheel I would recommend continuing to use the same cassette sizes when using a geared set-up. When using a single speed setup I have been adding 1 tooth to my rear cog, so I've gone from a 16t-17t.
When adding some height to the front I have brought my stem down slightly and added 5-10mm in reach. 26" forks are designed with 26" wheels in mind, when adding to the diameter the "trail" is altered, so the stem adjustment will help remedy this change.

Azonic Revenge

Banshee Scratch

Bianchi SASS
Bianchi Oetzi Carbon 2009 (only quasi-moto)

BMC Team Elite 02, (2.1" and smaller)

Brodie 1-Ball (with sliders)

Canfield Bros Balance

Cannondale Prophet (2007+ checked)
Cannondale taurine
Cannondale F3

Carver 96er

Chumba Hx1

Commencal Meta 5.5

Gary Fisher Fat Possum
Gary Fisher Tass. 2008

Gunnar Ruffian (older with horizontal dropouts)

Haro Sonix LT
Haro Xeon
Haro Sonix VL120,(original Rear triangle) fits the Quasi Moto

Ibex Atlas

Ibis Mojo (2.1" and smaller recommended)

K2 Factory
K2 Apache 6.0

Kona Unit (with sliders)
KONA Coiler Series, (2007)

Marin Rift Zone
Marin Wolf Ridge 05/06

Mountain Cycle fury

Novarra Method

Orange R8 2010

Surly 1x1, no confirmation but I'm sure the Pugsley would work too.

Salsa Ala Carte
Salsa El Santo FS 2008 (Quasi-moto)

Schwinn 01 Homegrown Ltd

Scott Spark 30

Sinister Ridge
Sinister Splinter FS

Specialized Enduro Elite (checked on 2007 model)
Specialized Myka
Specialized Carbon Epic, 2008
Specialized S-Works Carbon HT
Specialized Pitch 2008
Specialized FSR Pro Carbon 2008

Spooky Darkside

Soul Cycles Titan
Soul Cycles Icon
Soul Cycles Hooligan G2

Soma Groove (2.1" and smaller recommended)

Santa Cruz Chameleon, horizontal dropouts (2.1" and smaller recommended)
Santa Cruz Heckler
Santa Cruz Bullet
Santa Cruz BLT2

Titus Eleven (Fireline) (Quasi Moto tested)

Trek 930/950/970 1999 fit the QUASI-MOTO

Ventana El Chamuco
VooDoo Bokor (newer with sliders)
VooDoo Wanga (newer with sliders)
VooDoo Sobo (2.1" and smaller tire recommended)

2010 Confirmed FS Frames:
(thanks to MTBRs "Derby")

Ellsworth: Epiphany (tested - clears seat tube at bottom travel)
Titus: Guapo (2008 – 2009 only)
Knolly: Endorphin (2.1 max)
Jamis: Dakar, Parker
Santa Cruz: Heckler, Butcher, Nickel, Blur Carbon BLT Carbon
Orange: Alpine (160mm), Five (140mm), St4 (120mm)
Foes: XCT, FXR
Intense: Uzzi VP
Pivot: Firebird (tested - clears seat tube at bottom travel)
Ibis: Mojo (may require small travel limit shim depending on shock, except HD easily clears seat tube at bottom travel)
Evil: Revolt
Specialized: Stumpjumper, Epic
Trek: Scratch, Remedy
GT: Sensor (2.0 max), Force , Force Carbon
Rocky Mountain: Slayer (2.2 max), Altitude (2.2 max)
Marin: Mt. Vision, Wolf Ridge