February 28, 2009


Vicious is debuting a double walled, eyeletted disc specific rim in a 650B, 27.5", 584 ISO.
There, ya'll happy?

February 26, 2009

More 650b Rims on the way!

Yesterday I received a call from a very well known manufacturer who is already bringing 650B product to the market. This call was to inquire if I would be at the NAHBS again this year; sadly I will not. Sadden by my reply, the ' very well known manufacturer' gave me a scoop! More 650B rims will be landing on US soil at the beginning of April, with a $40 (approx) retail price tag, per rim. It will be disc specific, and have eyelets. The rims will debut at NAHBS, so Friday evening I will post WHO will be releasing the rims. I already have a set on pre-order!

The Children of the Revolution is upon us.....

February 24, 2009

650B Tease

650B Tease
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My new custom, aluminum 650B hardtail recently arrived. Here is a bit of tease photo. I'll be building it soon, but before that I will be giving it a proper photo shoot!! Stay tuned!

February 23, 2009


Well, I have neglected the 650B Palace for nearly a month, ug, I'm sorry. I will be merging the 650BPalace with a 29" wheel specific site come March 1. HA, no just kidding. I have excuses for not posting, but would rather NOT bore you with the details.
Here's some news for you 650B fans :

Definitive Cycles of Austrailia is SERIOUS about 650B for off road use. Stu shot me an email months ago to introduce himself as the Pacenti Tire distributor to AU. This morning I got word to their next venture: The Defcon. A steel mtb frame with sliding dropouts specifically designed around the 650B platform. Single speeders and gearies alike rejoice. It is expected to be spec'ed with double butted cromo tubing and available in S,M or L. Definitive has received 2 samples and will set one as a SS and the other geared.

To keep up to the minute tabs on Definitive Cycles follow them at:


A US distributor is yet to be announced. (insert unhappy face here)

February 06, 2009

Kent Eriksen Masterpiece, a 650B Dual Boinger

The folks at the Eriksen camp sent these image over to me this morning. I've been bugging them since BEFORE Interbike 2008, but business has been busy, there always seems to be someone riding this bike! It's rocking a DT Swiss XCM130, with plenty of clearance, but it's not 650B approved. This is utilizing a Venata built suspension components!
This is one beautiful machine! www.kenteriksen.com for more details!

February 02, 2009


THE first 650BPalace photo contest is starting up! It's easy and open to everyone with a 650B'd bike, WORLD WIDE! The crew at Kenda had a few sample tires left over and wanted someone to get a set! I will be giving away a set of 650B Nevegals to one lucky winner! You can pick either the 2.35" or the 2.1"!! I HAVE BOTH!! This is an opportunity to win a tire that NO-ONE can buy yet! Drawing ends March 2nd! I'm giving you all of February to submit your photos!
Ok, the are a few details to abide by, so I know you're not stealing someone else's web image! I need SOMEONE, ANYONE to be in the photo, with the submiter's current 650b'd bicycle, holding a sign or piece of paper with "650BPALACE.COM" written, scribbled, or otherwise printed on it! The top five most creative will go into a hat(my favorite hat), then the winner will be randomly pulled. Just to make it legit, I will film the drawing and post it online! Be creative! Remember your current 650B bike must be in the image!
The drawing will be held on or around March 6th. I will get the winner's vid posted no later than Sunday, March 8th. Image submitting ends March 1at 12:05 AM EST.

Submit your images to: photocontest@650Bpalace.com
Please include:
  1. your photo
  2. e-mail address
  3. Full Name
  4. Telephone number
  5. Shipping address
  6. Nevegal 650B Tire Width request(2.1 or 2.35)
  7. MTBR user name (if you have one)
**Each entrant is limited to a single submission, please don't try to get crafty and use multiple emails, please just be honest. GOOD LUCK