July 22, 2009

Pacenti to release a 4th 650B tire, but keep it on the road!

Pacenti plans to release a 4th 650B tire, yet this one will be a porter/rando/touring style in a 38mm flavor, aptly named the Pari-Moto.

Kirk Pacenti writes:

"Following the success of my 650b MTB tires many of you have contacted me asking whether or not I would consider making a 650b tire for the road. Initially I was not inclined to make a road tire, but now feel the demand would justify my efforts.

In response to this demand, I have designed the “dream tire” many of you have been asking for. The Pari-MotoT tire will be a high performance, 650×38b tire with a light, supple casing and fine file tread pattern. This tire is sure to be lighter, faster and smoother riding than any other 650×38b tire currently available. If I were to start production on the mould tooling today, the tires should land in the US sometime in late November. And with the support of all the 650b list members the Pari-MotoT can become a reality very quickly.

However, I feel I should be explicit in what I mean by ’support’ so that we are all on the same page. If I am to produce this tire, I must pre-sell a minimum of 200 pairs of tires by August 15th, 2009 to cover the tooling costs. If you believe that this tire should be produced, if you are willing to place an order in advance, and if you can wait six months for delivery, we’ll all be rolling around on new tires before the year is out.
The tires will initially be sold in pairs only for $118.00 per pair and be shipped USPS Priority Flat Rate service for an additional $12.00 anywhere in the continental US. Foreign orders will incur some additional shipping charges that can be billed for at the time of shipment. Please fill out the attached order form and mail it along with your check. If you prefer to pay by credit card or live outside the continental US, please email me for details. If you have any further questions about the tire, please do not hesitate to ask

Since this communication, Kirk has opened up the pre-order on his website BIKELUGS.com CLICK HERE TO PREORDER YOURS NOW

In additional Pacenti news, the 2.1 Neo-Moto has landed in US soil. As they make their way to Pacenti Cycle Design HQ, your orders can still be placed HERE
If you just can't wait your local bike shop can order them from Merry Sales in San Fransisco, as they have a healthy stock (for now). This is sure to be THE TIRE TO HAVE for off-road 650B/27.5"

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