July 07, 2009

KHS Prototyping, step 2.

A sponsored racer has the KHS 650B Prototype in his paws. We saw a steel version last year, but this is an aluminum version. I'm guessing the first was a 26" that accepted 650b. I'm digging the shaped tubing! I'll keep everyone posted on any additional developments!


Anonymous said...

and so the slow but steady march of 650b world dominance continues. before long, the whole bike industry will fall into line under the weight of its obvious superiority. awesome!

nalax said...

This looks good and ready to go fast. I would buy a bike like this! KHS, you need to make this!

I see another shot at http://bryanvanvleet.blogspot.com/

umarth said...

Looks good.

MMcG said...

Looks okay - nothing earth shattering, and a somewhat weird mix of components for a sponsored riders rig.

Anonymous said...


why r u such a jack@$$?

MMcG said...

And why are you anonymous?

Look - it is an aluminum mountain bike frame - cool that it is 650b specific and all - and cool that another company is jumping in and all. But is it really anything earth shatteringly special?

Just calling it like I see it.

nalax said...

IMO it doesn't need to be earth-shattering. An aluminum 650b hardtail XC bike would be light and fast which is what I'm looking for. At this point there are no production aluminum 650b HT frames available. There isn't a standard geared steel 650b HT production frame available either. Those are pretty big holes to fill and I'd like to see KHS do it or see Haro make their frames available. IMO Soma should used sliding drops instead of the horizontal. I flatted on a night ride with my Soma Juice and the skeeters ate me up on that rear tire change.

There probably hasn't been anything earth-shattering in bikes since bio-pace;P

MMcG said...

Good point nalax. You know what - this is actually pretty friggin cool now that I think about it more.

Good on ya KHS!

Maybe Marin will follow suit as well. That'd rock.

Anonymous said...


see? now you're getting it!