September 06, 2009

The Ongoing Struggle

Forks. We have only one manufacturer that has produced a true bred 650B suspension fork: White Bros. They are offering the Magic in a 80mm and 100mm travel options and the Fluid in 100 & 130. These forks do fill the most commonly used travel lengths, but more options are needed.
From the looks of things, nearly every major fork manufacturer already has a model with lowers that fit a 650B off-road tire. Rock Shox, Fox Forx, Marzocchi, Manitou, DT Swiss, even RST and Suntour. When will these manufacturers see the potential and just take the plunge. A 650B fork could double as a 26" as well. Obviously not much will need to be done for an official ruling to take place. I'm no engineer, but after talking with White Bros last year it was a huge overhauling to adapt their forks to meet 650B use.
X-Fusion has been smart with giving the thumbs up for their Velvet fork. This fork was a blessing to the wheelsize. With a retail price of under $400, and a weight under 4lbs, the Velvet has been the perfect starter fork for most 650B users.
I am working on a list of compatible 26" forks, but I am hesitant to post it to this site. I have done quite a bit of work to locate and test forks that can fit the 2.3 Neo-Moto. If I do list anything, all forks must accept the larger Neo.

September 02, 2009

KHS SixFifty606

I had a blurb weeks ago about this bike when a KHS Rider had a prototype. Well, KHS has given the thumbs up for production. The 606 will feature a hydroformed aluminum frame, an X-Fusion Velvet fork, Nevegal 2.1" tires and a Shimano SLX rear deraileur, just to name some of the myriad of components on this geared hardtail. This is the first production aluminum mtb hardtail 650B frame.
I spoke with a few KHS folks at last year's Interbike and they were very open to the 650B format and even had a Tuscon setup with 650B wheels. I'd love to see a steel Solo-One in the future. They can call it the BSolo.