August 22, 2008

Busy Week.

OK, with Interbike so close most companies are keeping a tight lip about upcoming products. BUT, I've gotten wind of 3 tire companies (officially), 2 wheel companies, and a new complete bike en route, prototyping of a kick-ass full suspension frame with three letters, AND a Pro Team all utilizing the 650B platform.

Readers: IB08 will be HUGE for 650B. Be prepared to be amazed. STAY TUNED!

August 21, 2008

Hot Cakes?

Yep, them Quasi-Motos are selling quick.
Pacenti Cycle Design shipped a batch to distributor Quality Bicycle Products, and well....they have only 3 left. QBP is also out of Neo Motos, but BTI has over 100 instock for the same dealer price.
Sorry retail folks, QBP and BTI only sell to your local bike shops. Most shops place orders once a week, and delivery time from these to large distributors is pretty darn quick. So, take an hour or two and swing by your bike shop, see what's new, and place your order for some Pacenti 27.5ers.

Speaking of QBP and BTI, both are also stocking White Bros 650B Specific forks. So, now most bike shops will have all you need to get you on a 650B wheeled custom bike. Sycip and most other customer builders welcome business from shops! Quit making excuses.

August 20, 2008

Would the dedicated 29er crown throw a fit if...

Would the dedicated 29er crown throw a fit if... WTB stepped up and began producing 650B tires and prebuilt wheels? WTB was one of, if not the first, to produce a true 29er MTB tire. Though they won't be able to be the first in this case, but it would definetely ruffle the feathers on the dedicated 29er crowd. WTB has grown to be a signifcant player in the MTB tire scene and their involvement with the 27.5" "bandwagon" could signal a new standard on the horizon.
Please don't read too much into this thought. I'm only speculating. But, what if?
IF WTB began to produce one 650B tire, which tread would you prefer?

August 16, 2008

An Oldie Returns

A 90's component maker is being revived and may produce 650B Tires. Many OEs have been notified, but I'm not leaking who it could be just yet....
Anyone venture a guess???


2009 will be known for prices hikes across our industry. Expect to seen rubber prices boost the most. Not to specify,but the Pacenti tires are $55 now, but will be forced to be raised to $60 as a recommended retail price. WTB tires and tubes will be on the rise too. So, if at all possible stock up on any deals you may find of your favorite tires. Kenda hasn't released their 27.5 Nevegal yet, but expect to see it at a higher price point compared to the 26" models.
To help things out, Rawland Cycles will continue to sell the Neo-Moto for $50 with free shipping, to help push this platform.
Your favorite components will see the retail price boosts too, so don't get mad at your local bike shop when the new Shimano SLX hits, and it costs more than their anticipated prices, just deal with it.
Interbike is next month and new gear will be shared to the US just after it all debuts at Eurobike.
Watch out here, I've got new 650B goodies to share in the coming weeks. Yes, I have my grubby lil paws on some new product you're bound to love.

August 13, 2008

Rawland Cycles are a GO.

OK folks, 650B is gaining momentum! Rawland Cycles has announce the arrive of their first batch of frames. The Olaf, Sogn and dSogn* have arrive and are awaint your orders!

The Olaf is a single speed specific steel frame boasting dragon head dropouts with an integrated bottle opener. The Oalf is rack ready and rim brake specific. Any color you want, as long as is it's Rawland Red.

The Sogn mimics the Olaf in every way, but is gear ready. Rack compatible, so loaded touring will be a favorite for this rig. Also, there is plenty-o-room for the Pacenti 2.3" Neo-Moto tires.
*The dSogn is a disc only version of the Sogn.

Both models are sold with the Pacenti crowned bi-plane style lugged fork. They also offer a higher headtube than most other bikes, to allow for a stronger, more upright riding position with less headtube spacers to achieve a comfortable ride.

Originally the frames had a planned retail price of $650, but Rawland decided to drop the price to a mere $500. Watch out Surly.

Sean and Anna Virnig are the honchos there at Rawland, and for more info on the duo check out:


August 05, 2008

Suspension Fork Rumor

Oh boy, I got a big one. I heard a rumor from a reputable source that fork company X's 09 line up will be 650b/26er compatible forks. Keep a keen eye here on 650B Palace for confirmation. I'm not telling until I get the go-ahead!

Rock Shox
DT Swiss
Who will it be???

August 04, 2008

In the Hands of Dirt Rag

Originally uploaded by Engin Cycles
Dirt Rag Issue137 reviews Engin Cycles Custom 650B Single Speed.
My issue just arrived a few hours ago.

To quote Sarah ( the reveiwer), "It is a truly viable, well-thought-out option for a shorter rider."

This a is a beautiful bike. I called Drew last week to get some tips on fillet brazing, for he is a master, no doubt.

Clikc the image for a link to Engin's flickr page!

August 01, 2008

Snn Ringle' Recall

Hayes Recalls SunRinglé Quick Releases
The Hayes Bicycle Group is recalling 800 SunRinglé hollow quick releases due to reports that the devices can fail or break while in the locked position. The U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission announced the voluntary recall on Wednesday. Hayes Bicycle Group, SunRinglé’s parent company, has received four reports of the quick release devices breaking unexpectedly while locked, although no injuries have been reported. The recall involves the Hollow CroMo Front 100mm, Hollow CroMo Rear 130mm and Hollow CroMo Rear 135mm models. They were sold individually or with SunRinglé front and rear wheels with model names Black Flag, Disc o Flea, Charger, STR8 Track, Accelerator R3, 00C and Accelerator T3, 0C. Ringlé is stamped on the lever.
Quick release devices with a solid skewer are not included in the recall. The products were manufactured in Taiwan and sold in specialty stores nationwide between June 2007 and May 2008. The Consumer Product Safety Commission advises consumers with the quick releases to bring them to their local bike retailer for a free inspection and replacement. For more information, contact Hayes Bicycle Group at (888) 686-3472 or visit