October 31, 2008

Forces of Nature!

Shawn Force shared this with 650BPalace.
It is his Marin Quad XC, 650B Equipped. It was photographed with Neo-Motos, but his local terrain does not need such an aggressive tread so he has stepped down to the Quasi-Moto.
Forces of Nature Cycling is located in St Joseph, MO. Reach them at (214) 748-3647. They are working at putting together more than a few 650B MTBs.

Renold Yip is at it again!

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Renold of YipSan Bikes builds some nice rigs. Here is a tire clearance shot of a project just completed and it at the Rocky Mountain Bicycle Show this weekend! Check out his Flickr page for more images.

October 14, 2008

650B in OZ


Read it and live it.

Inter Bike 2008

Inter Bike 2008
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Vicious Cycles Mambo Sun SS
We nick-named this the Lizard Bike, because of the saddle. Which I failed to photograph. Vicious has teamed up with Fizik to offer matchin saddles to their killer paint jobs. The saddle on this bike looked like lizard scales! Wicked.

Inter Bike 2008

Inter Bike 2008
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Vicious Cycles Ti Mambo Sun.
Vicious had American Classics initial run of 650B wheelset. From my understanding both 27.5" bikes were sold in the course of the show, complete. The geared, Ti Mambo Sun was suppose to be Carl's personal bike, much like the Ti Mambo Sun shown at NAHBS but was sold, again...

On Hiatus.

Sorry for the lack of content on 650B Palace, but things are now back and running.

Some news for the readers:
I currently have 2 650B MTB Projects in the mix one Aluminum with kick ass sliders from Ahrens MFG, and one steel geared. I will post images and info as I get closer to the finale. A third possibility is in the works with another manufacturer. Lots of content to come!

The folks over at Soma contacted me before Interbike to get some wheels, which I am currently packing for shipment. Soma's prototype B Side has been put through the ringer and they are in need of a new rear wheel. I haven't seen any images of the production BSides, but rumor has i we all will soon.

I updated my Flickr with some images of Interbike. I didn't get around as much as I had liked, but I did manage a few pictures of 650B gear.

Rawland Cycles gradded #1 of Bike Magazines Top Ten of Interbike 2008! Yahoo! Great Folks there at Rawland! Loads of energy for such a quiet booth! Literally, I got goose-bumbs walking into their booth!