April 20, 2011

Transition Bikes Trans AM 650B conversion.

Joe from Parrish FL, just south of 650B Palace just finished his Trans Am 650B conversion with success!  Read more about it at the TRANSITION BIKES BLOG

April 01, 2011

Rim Update!

No Tubes just received their final batch of ZTR 355 rims. Their 650B Flow should arrive within 3 months.

Velocity will be releasing a lighter version of the awesome Blunt. The new rim will be properly named the Blunt SL; no word yet if they will discontinue the original Blunt.

For our European riders, you'll be happy to find out about XXCycles offering of the Ambrosio KEBA in 650B. 20mm deep with a 18.5mm inside rim width with eyelets.