August 20, 2009

650B Rims

This is a list of 650B Rims available. Not all MTB specific, simply a list of options to use on your next wheel build.
This will be an ever growing list.

Alex XD-Lite

American Classic 101

DT Swiss M480

Grand Bois Super Champion M58 replica

Kore XCD

Mavic XM319
Mavic EN321

Pacenti CL25, XC rim
Pacenti DL31, Super D
Pacenti PL23, Classic style road/rando
Pacenti TL28, Trail

Rigida Sphinx

Snow Cat wide rim @ 45mm wide

Stan's No Tubes ZTR Crest
Stan's No Tubes ZTR355 (RIP)
Stan's No Tubes ZTR Flow EX
Stan's No Tubes ZTR Arch EX

Sun Ringle Inferno 25
Sun Ringle Inferno 27
Sun Ringle EQ27
Sun Ringle CR18

Velocity Blunt
Velocity Blunt SL
Velocity Synergy
Velocity Twin Hollow
Velocity Blunt35, formerly known as P35
Velocity Dyad
Velocity Aerohead (AU exclusive)

Vicious Children of the Revolution

Weinmann Discovery
Weinmann ZAC19
Weinmann XM 280

WTB Laserdisc Trail
WTB i 19
WTB i 21
WTB i 23


jkeiffer said...

I'm not particularly thrilled by any of these. I'm still thinking we need a 650B Flow...

Anonymous said...
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Cracked Headtube said...

I have deleted the previous post because the rim involved wit the complete build offered is already mentioned in the original post. The relation between the two is respectively kept secret.

Todd S. said...

I see the Velocity Synergy are 24mm wide. I can't seem to find anywhere how wide the Twin Hollow rims are though. I went with a Twin Hollow wheelset as they are ridiculously inexpensive figuring I can upgrade later if I end up liking the 650b size. Just wanted to know what tires I'm limiting myself to though.