March 30, 2008

650B Voodoo on EBAY

12 hours left.
$600 is a steal for this bike.

March 28, 2008

Your Weekend Entertainment

Trunk Boiz getting on it.

March 18, 2008

650B Wheel Paradise

OK, I 've had this hub for about a week, but I was waiting for the Stan's ZTR rims to show up before I went unbuilding and rebuilding my 650B wheels.

I just finished lacing up the White Industries Eric's Eccentric Eno to a Velocity Blunt. I used Sapim CX-Ray spokes and Aluminum nips to get a total weight of 1000grams even. That was with the hub bolts. I still have to true it, but the weight won't change with that affect.

Next on the building block will be the Stan's ZTR with American Classic hubs, again with the Sapim CX Ray spokes to get them SUPERLITE. I'll post the weights when they're all laced up!

March 13, 2008

Haro Beasley, Unleashed

Jill Hamilton from Haro test rides the Haro Beasley SS for the first time. She's written about it on her own blog. BIKEBIZBABE
More photos there too.

March 12, 2008

On the Horizon...

So, I've got word there is a potential for a 2009 team racing on 650B Bikes. The company has been mentioned on 650B Palace in the past, but I don't have enough hard evidence to release the info. A sister company HAS confirmed the release of the 650B Platform.
So, I pose this question. Who would you like to see produce a 650B? Whether it be a hardtail, or a full suspension bike. What do the people want out of this platform?
I have contacted many manufactures to see if the wheels ( no pun intended) are even turning.
I'd like to see the response to this post before I relase more info! So, BRING IT ON FOLKS!

March 09, 2008

Quasi Ridden

Well, I participated in the Annual Squiggy 6hr race. I say participated, because I usually do it on a team but this year I didn't want to disappoint anyone, so I did it solo. The 'fam' came out between laps and brought a sandwich, after which, I didn't want to ride anymore.
I took bikes equipped with both of Pacenti's tires: The 2.3 Neo-Moto and the 2.0 Quasi-Moto.
I mounted up the Quasi's on my VooDoo single speed. I took this bike for the first lap. This year's Squiggy Classic had the worst trail conditions in the past 3 years of my particpation. Friday: rain, all day and into the evening. Saturday: race day was windy and cool, and the temps slowly dropped through the day.
Florida is known for swamp and marsh, but typically we choose not to ride through such environments. Friday's rain force us into said landscapes. Pleasantly surprised, the Quasi-Motos held their ground, or lack there of. My front slid out once, but I was probably going too fast into that turn anyways... I didn't go down just lost a bit of traction. I ran pressure just under 40psi.
Funny thing about the race trail, there spots of total submersion, up to my BB, then some spot were still sandy as the beach. Our stupid rooty section dried in time so I didn't slide over or off them.
This years first lap was my fastest I've had. Now, I'm no marathon racer by any-means, nor do I compete regularly.
I'm just saying my SS Quasi-Moto bike was faster than my Neo-Moto geared FS. Even over our extremely rooted sections. Lets not for get the mud!
The VooDoo Bokor was a champ when it came to mud clearance. Never did I feel a hint of clogging. And the X-Fusion preformed nicely. I did begin to hear clunking sound after lap one. The cause is still to e determined. It was only happening at higher compressions, perhaps I had the rebound wrong for the terrain. I'm looking into this later this week.
The Haro Sonix with Neo-Motos help the muck too, but I did fell much slowing due to clog action. If you are riding a 26" Conversion to 650B, mud is tough. My clearance with the LT swingarm (URT) is about 6.5mm. Probably not enough in this case. So, be warned.
I'd like to try the Quasi-Motos on the Sonix, but for now I'm falling in love with my SS again.

March 06, 2008

Loving to Love Bikes

Folks over at DIRT RAG MAGAZINE are busy with a 650B Project Bike.
The Santa Cruz Heckler gets a B-job.

See DIRT RAG on the web for more!

Quasi-Moto Spec.

Haro 650B " Beasley" Numbers

Got some geometry info about the Haro Beasley's

Head angle: 70 degrees
Seat Angle: 72.5 degrees
Chain stay: 16.7"
BB height: 12.4"

Effective TT lengths:
14": 21.5"
16" : 22.5"
18": 23.4"
20": 24.2"
22": 24.5"
14": 27.5"
16" : 28.5"
18": 29.8"
20": 30.8"
22": 31.8"
14": 40.3"
16" : 41.3"
18": 42.2"
20": 43"
22": 43.5"

March 05, 2008

Quasi-Moto: Revisited

So, I posted images sent to me by Kirk at Pacenti Cycle Design this morning. And alas, this afternoon some Quasi-Motos of my very own showed up at the office. Honestly, the previous images DO NOT do this tire justice. I took it upon myself to photograph Pacenti's next tire to be produced. (I added the 650B Palace address because I've found my images elsewhere, without a photo credit.)
Pacenti Cycles used the same large-volume casing as the successful Neo-Moto, but this time used some less aggressive knobbies. At first I thought the tire was really lacking in the knob department, but now that I have some in-hand, I am impressed.
They seated up nicely onto my Velocity Blunts ( Stan's ZTR355 enroute), just like the Neo-Motos. The weight difference is significant. Hardpack XC riders are going to love this rubber.
Ok, enough, here are the NEW images.


I reported about a week ago about some SUPER SECRET STUFF, well here it is.
Pacenti's QUASI-MOTO XC tire, in 2.0
The tire is intended for hard-pack XC / Enduro racing, but I am sure it will be good for a great variety of trail conditions. These pre-productions are hand made. Production Tires will be a respectable 550g. A nice, light tire for you XC folks!
More image will be up and the tires will probably dirty in those pics. Happy-happy-joy-joy!
Just to note, these are PRE-PRODUCTION, tires are not yet available to the public, yet, just wait for it!!!! They will be up for grabs in July, once the production run has landed!

Some Words on

Images courtesy of Pacenti Cycle Design,

March 04, 2008

The New Golden STANdard!

Stan's recieved their first batch of 650B ZTR355 rims in via AIR SHIPMENT. They brought in 200 rims,and obviously they have been sold in pairs, about 100 rims remain. WOW, folks have been waiting and wanting these, the time is now. Mike at said today should be busy for 650B. If you want'em better hurry!