August 20, 2009

650B Frame Manufacturers

This is a list of production frames. Most custom builders will be happy to build what ever you want for the right amount of cash. The folks below have brought in 650B specific frames at a production level.

Spooky Cycles - Horror Taxi
Vicious Cycles - Mambo Sun
Carver - Killer B

Santa Cruz - Bronson (carbon or aluminum), Heckler, SOLO aka 5010, Bantam
Rivendell -  Betty Foy, Sam Hillborne & Yves Gomez (650b in limited sizes)
Soma Fabrications -  BSide-V3
Jamis - Dakar (4 Models), Dakar AMT (2 Models), Dragon (2 Models), Nemesis(2 Carbon, 3 Aluminum),  Trail X
KHS- DH650. 7500, 6500, 5500, 3500, 2500, Team 650, 800, 600, 700, 300
Ventana - Alpino, Zeus.
Pivot Cycles - Mach 6-50, Les 27.5, Firebird
Norco- Sight, Range (both available in aluminum and carbon versions)
Intense- Carbine, Tracer 275
Trek- Remedy (6 models), Slash (3 models)
Turner- Burner
Foes- F275
Felt Bikes - 
Surly - Instigator 2.0
Ellsworth- Epiphany XC Carbon, Epiphany Enduro, Absolute Truth Carbon
Rocky Mountain- Altitude (4 Carbon & 2 aluminum) , Thunderbolt (4 Models), Altitude Rally Edition (1 Carbon 1 aluminum), Fusion, Soul, Vapor
Ritchey- P275 aka P650
Scott- Genius 700SL, Scale
GT Bicycles- Sensor (3 Carbon models, 2 Alloy models), Force (2 carbon models)
Boardman Bikes- Pro Carbon, Pro, Team, Comp, FS Pro, FS Team
Litespeed - Citico, Sewanee
Kona Bikes - Explosif, Cinder Cone, Blast, Process (4 Models)
Nicolai Bikes- Helius AC, Ion 16, Argon TB, Helius TB
Giant Bikes 26 Bikes Models!! - Athem Advanced (3 models), Athem, XTC Advanced (4 Models), XTC, Trance Advanced (2 Models), Trance Advanced SX,  Trance (2 Models), Trance SX, Talon (3 Models), Tempt (3 Models), Lust (2 Models), Obsess (2 Models), Obsess Advanced (2 Models), Intrigue (2 Models)
Whyte Bikes- 900 Series (3 Models), 800 Series (2 Men's 2 Wmn's),  G150 (2 Models)
Transition Bikes- Covert 27.5, Bandit 27.5, TransAm 275
Orbea - Rallon (4 Models)
Orange Bikes- Five, Crush, Five Diva
Haro- Flightline 27Five (4 models)

(More to be added 12/18/2013)

Rawland Cycles - Sogn, Olaf & Drakkar
Haro - Beasley, Sonix VL120 (2010 release)(2011RIP all 650B models)
Soma Fabrications - BSide, BSide-V2
KHS- Sixfifty606, 608, 608, 603, 656XC
Ventana- El Bastardo


umarth said...

I want a Horror Taxi.

Anonymous said...

Hey Man,

I work for Jamis and spent a couple of days riding the NEW 650B at Diablo Freeride park (wow)then today did a 3hr ride on my local trail( I ride 26 only). This bike is a must ride for trail riders (It's a 5in travel trail bike). I was riding everything with confidence. carving turns handling steel drops with ease and places that I would usually feel on the edge was well....Totally confident I would make it. Didn't feel limited on climbs at all and was able to hold speed and or increase on transitions. Anyway, what a fun bike.


Anonymous said...


White Industries makes a 650B fork. fox is on the horizon I hear?
How can I post a picture?

Cracked Headtube said...

this post is a list for FRAME manufacturers, not fork. When something beyond White Bros and X-Fusion step in I will open up the fork post. Thanks for your support!

Cracked Headtube said...

RE: Heater,

I am very excited about the Jamis bikes. They look to be well spec'd and I expect them to sell very well, as long as dealer also bring in extra tires at the same time. I'm sure the dealers who will be selling them have already brought other 650B offering into their establishments. Kudos to Jamis for this offering!

Anonymous said...

Soma make the "B-side" 650b frame now.