March 25, 2010

Dirt Rag's Recent

The fine folks at Carver bikes shipped a Ti Killer be to the Dirt Rag HQ. My industry crush, Ms Karen Brooks (DR's Editor), tested the sled and the words are located here:

To received a hard copy of the magazinve visit here:

March 14, 2010

Siren sings a song of 650B.

Siren Bicycles is a custom shop out of California producing 6 models out of steel and aluminum. Quite the diverse offerings, too. Hardtails, soft-tails, 26", 69rs, 29" and now a 650B in their Song model.
Their flexing titanium plate, paired with Cane Creek dampening unit supply the Song with 1.5" of smooth travel. The Song 55 and Song 29 have been staples in their line up but this is the first build around the 650B platform. The frame is a custom with some very nice features.

(click for a larger view)

Be sure to visit the Siren Home Page located at

and their weblog can be viewed at
Very impressive work being done, check it out!

March 12, 2010

The BMX world searches for a middle ground...

20" wheels have dominated the BMX market for over 30 years. Kids on theirs Schwinns with loose grips, pretending to me motocross racers took their bikes to the dirt mounds and bayous to over come gravity. 24" and 26" cruiser BMX racers later hit tracks along with little brother 20" wheels. 26" cruisers died rather quick in the race scene, but transcended to mountain biking. Back to 20" wheels for freestyle and street use... until now. Faction Bike Co is a BMX company dabbling with 22" wheels. 22"? Yes, something totally new for BMX.
I raced BMX for years, and rode some street BMX until my love affair with 'big kid' bikes began. Alas the BMX world is seeing the benefit of a larger wheel, but not TOO large.