August 28, 2009

Kent Eriksen Never Ceases to Amaze!

Kent Eriksen helped produce one of the first modern 650B mountain frames a few years back. At this year's Rocky Mountain Bike Show in Denver he took home "Builder of the Year" title. 650B Palace would like to highlight this achievement as well as one of the many bikes that were displayed last weekend.

As many of you know, Kent Eriksen founded the Moots company. Specializing in titanium, and designing the YBB softtail yolk. Kent left Moots a number of years back, went on hiatus, and is now back with Kent Eriksen Cycles and still builds in Steamboat Springs,CO.
The above bicycle is a fullsuspension 650B, Titanium bicycle. Up front, the Maverick DUC32 handles the steering, and has been modified to allow maximum travel mated to a 650B Schwalbe Racing Ralph. The rear utilized Ventana's faux-bar linkage along with Eriksen manufactured titanium seat stays (Ventana's OE version uses aluminum stays instead).
This is truly a beautiful bike, and only one of the many 650B frame that the camp at Eriksen Cycle has produce. If you can see through the full suspension, there is a full rigid 650B hardtail behind it.
Congrats to Eriksen Cycles!


umarth said...

Fantastic FS. I can't believe how great that bikes looks.

Anonymous said...

I think Kent built the Pacenti 650b frame in 2006 that debuted at the NAHBS show. Kent is pretty into 650b bikes from what I hear around town.

Cracked Headtube said...

RE: Anonymous.
The first line in the post mention's this. I didn't want to point out that Pacenti did not build the frame their-selves. Yes, Kent built the white Pacenti 650B frame. And yes, he digs the platform.
Be sure to check this page, too.

bike master said...

my girlfriend got her 650b Eriksen earlier this year. it was featured at the NAHBS and also appears in the Eriksen as in Mountain Flyer magazine (probably others as well). needless to say, she is totally in love with the bike... who wouldn't be? there are a lot of action photos of great Colorado riding/racing that can be viewed on my 'blog.
not trying to hog any attention here as i would have preferred send an email to you- i couldn't find any contact infos on your page. maybe i didn't look in the right place. anyway, enjoy.