December 06, 2012

Help Build the List! Offering Custom Wheels!

I placed an order for frame building materials yesterday, and saw an empty page, but this morning launched their complete custom wheel options. All hubs are to be built around Pacenti rims.  Details aren't really needed, all is self explanatory. 

Pacenti branded wheels may be in the mix at some point. 

December 05, 2012

December 04, 2012

Pacenti Rim Sale

Pacenti's 26" rims are on BlowOut over at
Stock up now!!

September 04, 2012

NoTubes Dominates the 650B Rim Market!

Stan and his team know how to strike when the iron is hot!!! Another rim designed with XC racing in mind, the Medalist. It looks like its going to be a nice low profile yet wide-ish rim.  Gone are the days of the tube.  And I just stocked up on my Stan's sealant!! PERFECT TIMING.

September 01, 2012

Rock Shox add 650b Models

This week at Eurobike Rock Shox displayed 2 more forks with 650B on mind.  The racey Sid will get the bigger wheel makeover as well as the Reba.  Expect to find these forks on hardtails as OE parts for 2013.  Sid to be retailed just under $900 and the Reba at $675 or less with a November ETA.

August 17, 2012


A rare Intense 650b mountain bike was stolen from the Brentwood Criterium in Los Angeles County on Sunday, August 8 2012. FSA, which had put together the bike for a Mountain Bike Action magazine test and then planned to display it at Interbike, is asking retailers to keep an eye out for the machine. FSA's Ivan Harms noted that the bike's brakes are not functioning, and whoever has the bike might bring the brakes — which are unusual because of their red hydraulic housing — to a shop to be fixed. "The alloy reinforcment at the caliper is missing, so it will blow off if bled," Harms said. "Also there is no fluid in the housing so the brakes are nonfunctional." The frame is also unusual because Intense has not made many 650b (27.5-inch) wheel Carbine frames. Harms asked that anyone with information on the bike call him at (661) 803-2488.

Norco 2013 650B

Norco Range 650B: The Process from Dan Barham on Vimeo.

August 15, 2012

New website in the works!  Please visit our Facebook page for news and updates.  WWW.FACEBOOK.COM/650bPALACE

July 26, 2012

Ritchey Components for 2013!

Just announced to join the 650B market is Ritchey Components.  Recently, Tom fabricated a tandem that made use of both 700c road wheels and offered clearance for 650B knobby tires.  I suppose that was just a prelude of things to come.  Today they officially released info regarding the 2013 line-up. 
Alloy 650B wheelsets, tires and a carbon rigid fork will all be in the mix for the long-time component and frame maker.  All these great parts are great, but what to hang them on??  Well, Ritchey decided that this isn't enough and is bringing in a rigid steel frame offering, too!
Look for shipping product after the great INTERBIKE EXPO!

June 30, 2012

Nino is Becoming the Poster Child for 650b

After a series of serious wins on 650B, Nino Schurter hits the cover of MBA rolling on his custom Scott scale.  Within it's pages MBA has printed a complete run down of the Scale's components with a bit of focus on the wheelset.  The August issue of Mtn Bike Action is in stores now!

June 23, 2012

Nino Schurter Wins Again

With a sprint finish to the 5th round of the UCI World Championship XC, Nino Schurter takes another win on his 650b equipped Scott carbon hardtail. Dispite suffering a flat tire.  Congrats to Nino, Scott Bikes, DT Swiss, and Dugast tires.

Pacenti's 650B line of rims is ready for your ordering pleasure!
The PL23
The CL25
The TL28
And the DL31

Click each image to be send to their respective ordering page on BIKELUGS.COM!

June 08, 2012

Stan's FLOW EX Rim in the Works!

Stan's No Tubes has put their Flow EX into production in the 650B diameter!  Expected to be 475g for the rim and boast 29mm in width, 32h only. Available as a rim only or in their complete wheel offerings.  ETA is August 1.  I will be getting a set as soon as they are available. 


Shootouts!  Mountain Bike Action likes nothing more than shootouts!  This month they have wrangled up a herd of KHS full suspension bikes to put them through the ringer, each with a differing wheel diameter. 26, 650B, 29, all with the same suspension platform and comparable component spec. 
First Up: 26" 

Second: 650B

Lastly: 29"
Head to you favorite book store or grocer and pick Mountain Bike Action for the shootout article!
This will be MBA's second 26-650B-29 head to head to head test, as they also hit the trail with Jamis's hardtail offerings!

May 31, 2012

Was Surfing the Web and Found This:

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My new Eriksen 650B Hardtail is finally built and ready just in time for race season. We had so much unexpected chaos this spring I wondered if all of the parts would ever come together in the same place at the same time- and almost got used to living with a dropdead gorgeous frame, seatpost and fork nested in the viewing room like another piece of fine art bicycle furniture. Pleasing to look at- completely un-rideable.

A week out from the Gunnison Growler (a race about which I am feeling particulary grouchy after going to pre-ride a few weeks ago and finding nothing but 30+ miles of moondust where I had remembered lovely sagebrush singletrack) Dave informed me the Hardtail had built up at under 21 pounds complete with bottle cages - jaw drop- and was ready for its debut.

Just to look at this bike and to touch it the artisan craftsmanship is obvious. To ride it makes it undeniable. This bike is not designed to take the rider out of the equation and does not allow for much laid back cruise time. This is a wake up and ride sort of machine. The real allure of the bike starts in the Eriksen shop in Steamboat where the conversations and laughs and scratching of the head all take place before the gents (and lady) get down to business engineering and welding and finishing the frame and seatpost imbuing it with their mastery and enthusiasm. You feel it when you touch the frame and know it when you ride it. The fork was engineered by some of our finest Grand Valley geeks, then machined and assembled just down the road at MRP/White Brothers. Not everyone loves the LOOP...I do. I love the edgy responsiveness it allows the frame to enjoy. A true XC race machine demanding you to sit up, stand up and ride.

Then there are the wheels- handbuilt here in Palisade by the BikeMaster himself late at night after work. He is a slave to detail demanding the absolute right spoke for the job at hand and choosing each nipple for the perfection of it anodization. Be assured, you cannot buy these bad boys at your online discounter.

Add to all of that some of the latest XTR 2x10 bling, with sculpted shifters and brakes and a little cra-bon for the sake of modernity and, VOILE! you have my new Hardtail Race Rig and latest art acquisition. How cool is that?

I can hardly wait to get her dirty and given what I anticipate in Gunnison this weekend- it won't be long!

April 19, 2012

Fox add 2 650B Models to Their Line-up

Fox has finally released information regarding their much anticipated 650B fork.  Lucky for us they have given mid-wheel riders 2 flavor to pick from.  Both boasting 160mm worth of travel as well as their FIT technology and the new CTD technology (Climb-Trail-Decend) .   
  • 34 Float 650B 160 FIT CTD: 1,990g (4.38lb)
  • 34 TALAS 650B 160 FIT CTD: 2,070g (4.57lb)
With only 80g separating their weight you'll be sure to see these on some stellar longish travel trail bikes.   Makes me wish I had some real mountain in these parts.  Looks like I'll be doing some traveling in 2013.

April 14, 2012

Word from the Mountain

We spoke and Enve Composites listened! An announcement went out just days ago about Enve's certain manufacture of 650B carbon rims. It was just February when I called and inquired on the potential of a run of 650B rims and the reply was "No Commitment." Which left me somewhat hopeful. Now, those hopes have come to fruition.  Pricing will be similar to their current 29" rim prices. Complete wheelsets will also be available using DT Swiss or Chris King hardware. Expect a review in coming months. Pictured below is the new Enve rim along with a preproduction 650B Nobby Nic from Schwalbe!

Also, with Sea Otter just around the corner, you can expect to hear about 650B product in development and possible see some prototype gear as well. Here is one thing that is mum but will see the light come May:
The Sram 650B Wheelset.  

With the 2013 Rock Shox 650B Revelation in the works for OEMs, this was bound to happen.  Aren't 'little birds' grand?  Again, mum's the word on the lips at Sram, so let's keep this just between friends. 

April 01, 2012

Mavic Enters the 650B Realm, sort of.

After years of development, Mavic, today, introduced a revolutionary mountain bike wheel system. With one technological breakthrough, Mavic’s CrossMaxSizer fitment system allows a rider to buy just one wheelset that can be adapted to fit all the mountain bikes they might own, whether they use 26”, 650b, or 29er wheels. The new wheelset is yet unnamed.
The new modular wheel system is built on a 26-inch Crossmax ST mountain bike wheel for the base structure. Testing revealed that this fundamental wheel system is strong and stiff enough to readily adapt to multiple sizes. “It’s remarkably clever, if I may say so myself,” Mavic PR person Zack Vestal said via press release. “We devised a system by which the rim outer diameter can actually be increased or decreased at the user’s discretion.
“On the one hand, we are getting a little sick of all these different size standards,” Vestal said. “I mean, can’t we decide on just one size for all the mountain bike wheels? But on the other hand, we wanted to offer something really different and satisfy these guys who can’t make up their bloody minds.”
With CrossMaxSizer technology, the mod-wheel converts from 26 inches to 650b, and from 650b to 29er.To increase the bead seat diameter for 650b usage, a snap-on expander ring fits into the UST tire bed and tightens into place with recessed setscrews. Just like the original tire bed, the CrossMaxSizer expander ring is fully UST compliant, with an airtight tire bed and 19mm inner width.
The Mod-wheel easily fits 29er bikes and tires with the addition of a second CrossMaxSizer expander ring, mounted on top of the first expander ring. “We found a light, flexible composite for the expander rings, so they really don’t add much weight,” offered Mavic MTB product tester Joaquin D. Trayle. “Plus, as you add CrossMaxSizer rings to achieve the 29er tire size, you’re adding rim depth. So there’s a nice aero benefit, too.”

The first schematic of the CrossMaxSizer
Mavic experimented with a removable insert to fit directly into the rim extrusion, but the extendable spokes and spacing presented an engineering challenge. It was a solid first step idea, similar in concept to what Keith Bontrager was doing in the early 1980s: cutting down and re-pinning 700c MA-40 road rims to make 26-inchers. But in the end, Vestal said, “trying to up-size for larger wheels, it was too complicated to be practical.”
At this time, Mavic has not announced a solution to fit the “yarder,” a 36-inch tire size popularized by a few builders at the North American Handbuilt Show. “At that size, we’d have to use the C29ssmax as our base structure, and we need to do more testing on this,” said Vestal.
On the other hand, Mavic is actively investigating the 24-inch wheel size. “Going forward, we think that ‘small’ might be the new ‘big,’” said Vestal. “I mean, how much more can we gain with going bigger all the time? We think 24s and maybe even the 20-inch wheel are the next frontiers in trail riding.”

March 26, 2012

Mountain Bike Magazine Talks to Scott’s Adrian Montgomery How did Scott start looking into the 650b wheel size?

Adrian Montgomery: We all know the benefits of a bigger wheel size, but we have discovered that the bigger wheel size sets some limits when designing longer-travel full-suspension bikes, or smaller frame sizes in general. We also found that when testing with Nino Schurter that there were some fit disadvantages for a rider his size as well as power disadvantages. That’s when we opted to test the 27.5-inch wheel size. We’re currently testing bikes from hardtails to full-suspension models to obtain data we can compare to our current line.


March 22, 2012

A Brief Glimpse

A link to Dirt Rag's interview with Mr Kirk Pacenti.

Thanks to Dirt Rag for it's continued coverage of the 650B growth!

March 15, 2012

Big Tire News Bulletin

Vee Rubber will be offering 11 650b tires, all are expected to be released by Interbike 2012.

Meet Vee Rubber's new 650B Family:

( Both in a 2.4" width, the images for the Fluid and Flow tires are pending)
 Vee Rubber is quickly becoming the 650B production leader!! 

March 03, 2012

More Pacenti Stuff!

More fine rims from Pacenti Cycle Design:
Looks like we will be getting a classic box section rim as well as a slightly narrower MTB rim with eyelets. 

In more wheel news, recent activity on MTBR has fingers pointed at Ritchey for 650B wheel and tire development.

February 28, 2012

New Pacenti Tire: the MEGA-MOTO

This JUST hit my inbox! The Mega-Moto will the 5th 650B tire to be released by Pacenti Cycle Design. A 650Bx2.4" large casing tire! I warned everyone of this a month back, and Pacenti has delivered.  Be sure to stop by BOOTH 429 at this years North American Handmade Bike Show to see them in person!

Look for a new Pacenti Cycle Design website to debut soon too!

February 23, 2012

More Tires at 2012 Taipai Show

An e-mail just hit my inbox teasing me of whats to come. 6, yes S-I-X new 650B tires coming from a source mentioned on 650B Palace in recent months. Sizes ranging from 2.1"-2.4" The two 2.4" models will be available for summer sales. Once I have the perMission, I will release images of the tire treads to be released. 
2012 is sizing up to be a great year and huge leap forward for 650B. Lets get those forks on the market!!!

February 14, 2012

How About a Spot of Carbon for Your 27.5" Tea?

One word for you:

Not long ago I had the absolute pleasure to talk with Jason Schiers, the head honcho and founder of ENVE COMPOSITES.  We laughed, we cried, get spoke of 650b.  No seriously, we did.  The folks at ENVE are hip to 650B. They've ridden it. In carbon. HUH, what? WHO? Yes. Carbon 650B hoops.
Jason spilled the beans, ENVE has some awesomely modular tooling allowing them to make 26" wheels & 29" wheels.  Mr. Schiers said it was pretty easy to just split the difference and do a 27.5" rim.  Back in 2009 or 2010, Kirk Pacenti approached ENVE to lay up some carbon 650B rims, so obviously SOMEONE was pretty serious and made some "prototypes". 
As of right now ENVE does not have plans to add their half-brother 650B wheel to their line. They are going to wait it out, since their tooling is 650B friendly they are standing by, but with no commitment.
What do you think? Is 650B Ready for a kick ass carbon ENVE wheel?  Leave your comments below.  I bet ENVE has their ear to the ground on this potential.

February 08, 2012

Magura is Working Hard!

These just popped up, moments ago. I was listed the second "view".
2012 Magura Thor 150 with a 15mm Maxle Lite system!
 With the Pacenti Neo-Moto2.3

With the Schwalbe Racing Ralph 2.25
Magura's got some 'splainin to do!!

More info to follow!

January 01, 2012

650B Forks

Official 650B Fork List
 (not 26" Convertables, but true 650B forks, approved by the respected manufacturer)

White Bros
       Loop 80 TCR  tapered or 1.125" straight steer tube,  Axle to Crown = 464mm
       Loop 100 TCR tapered or 1.125" straight steer tube, Axle to Crown = 484mm
       Loop 120 TCR tapered or 1.125" straight steer tube, Axle to Crown =504mm
       Loop 130 TCR tapered or 1.125" straight steer tube, Axle to Crown = 514mm
       Loop 140 TCR tapered or 1.125" straight steer tube, Axle to Crown = 524mm
       Loop 150 TCR tapered or 1.125" straight steer tube,  Axle to Crown = 534mm
 All WB forks use 15mm Thru Axle interface named QtapeR15

Fox Racing Shox
     Float 32 (Tapered Only)
                 100 or 120 FIT iCD
                 100 or 120 or 140 FIT CTD Remote
                 100 or 120 or 140 FIT CTD w/Trail Adjust
     Talas 32
                 140 FIT CTD Remote
                 140 FIT CTD w/Trail Adjust
     Float 34
                 150 FIT CTD Remote
                 150 FIT CTD w/Trail Adjust
     Talas 34
                 150 FIT CTD Remote
                 150 FIT CTD w/Trail Adjust
     Float 40 Dual Crown FIT RC2
     40R Dual Crown           

     Enix RL2. 80,100,120 travel modes, internally set, 1.125" Steer tube, . A to C= 499mm@120
     Enix RL2R,  80,100,120 travel modes, internally set, 1.125" Steer tube, A to C= 499mm@120
     Velvet RL2 DL, 130mm, tapered or 1.125" straight steer tube,  Axle to Crown = 509mm
     Velvet RL2R 80,100,120, 130mm, tapered or 1.125" straight steer tube,  Axle to Crown = 509mm
     Velvet RL2 80,100,120, 130mm, tapered or 1.125" straight steer tube,  Axle to Crown = 509mm
     Vengence 140/ 170 travel settings, tapered or 1.125" straight steer tube,  A to C = 565mm@170
     Sweep RL2 DLA 130-160 tapered
     Sweep RL2 160
     Sweep RL2 130
     Sweep RL2R 120

    TS8 R 120  XC/AM DLO2 damping, Maxle Lite 15mm axle, tapered steerer, 
    TS8 R 150  AM, Albert Select+, 15mm axle, tapered steerer,
    TS8 R 150 LS AM, Albert Select+, 15mm axle, tapered steerer,

Rock Shox
     Revelation 120/130/150, Tapered Steer only, 15mm Maxle Lite interface(2013 Release)