January 30, 2009

Haro Delivers, AGAIN!

Well, no delivery just yet. Haro released some spy photos of their 650B Sonix Virtual Link suspended bike. The Sonix takes a visual change, more toward the Xeon look. It will maintain the VL suspension design which remains proprietory to Haro.
Pesonally I like the new look of the Sonix, but the color doesn't do it for me. Yet, color doesn't make the bike fast, or better, or worse. So I could really care less for color. I sent an email to my Haro contact and pre-ordered my 650B Sonix. Obviously, they are not taking pre-orders yet, but I just want to let them know I ALREADY WANT ONE.


January 28, 2009


Snow Bikes, Adventure Bikes, what ever you may call them....The bikes with the huge tires, ready to float and roll over just about anything; are welcoming the 650B platform.
SnowCat rims of Alaska had this to say, "...snow riders, the 650b (27.5) size can provide some of the benefits of the 29ers without compromising fit and handling. If your MTB frame size is 17 inches or smaller, this new size has a lot to offer. And there’s even a 650b tire that works quite nicely on the snow: The Pacenti Neo Moto."
The current Snowcat rims are being offered in 29" and 26" with a width of 44mm. Huge. Yes. Light. Yes, to that too. Contact Simon at All Weather Sports, Phone 907-474-8184, web: http://www.allweathersports.com/winter/snowcats.html

January 27, 2009

We've hit 30,000!

The winner of the 30K prize contacted me this evening! An MTBR user is the winner!
Thanks to everyone who has visited the site since October of 2007. A lot of gear has come down the pipe since then and I'm excited to have mentioned most of it here! Lets keep the Hit Counter rising to show manufacturers that 650B is a validated platform!

Thanks again!

January 23, 2009

IRD Rubber is HERE!

The classic, ever-loved tread of Panaracer's FIRE XCPro has arrived from IRD in a 650Bx2.1" format!
I mounted up the Fire 650B's this morning and will hit the trails this weekend.
IRD sent me the Red and Black version, but it is also available in all black. They've maintian the aramid, fold bead, and weight came in at 635 grams for a single tire. The 2.1 knobby will be warmly welcomed with a price tag of $59 MSRP.
Merry Sales is the parent company of IRD(Interloc Racing Designs), as well as Soma and Pake Brands. I suppose this tire will nicely match the Soma B-Side, whenever that frame arrives.
The red and black FireB will also aestetically match the Rawland frames.
IRD Fire 650B XCPro
IRD Fire 650B XCPro
Your local bike shop can contact Merry Sales by calling 1-800-245-9959. This is a dealer specific line, so retail customer's please refrain from calling.

January 20, 2009

Quasis: GONE

Pacenti Cycle Design has shipped their last batch of Quasi's until April. These tires have been super popular since they hit the market! QBP should have a batch so resale by Jan 22. I assume they will sell out pretty damn quick, as I check last night, there were 36 people watching the Inventory Levels of that tire.
Where are all of these tires going?? Why don't you folks send me images of your full 650B Wheeled Bikes, and I'll add a photo Post featuring these bikes!
Bring it on!

January 15, 2009

Updated Distribution List

Pacenti Tires can obtained through your Local Bike Shop, your LBS would get them from the places on this list!


New Tire Enroute

Some new rubber is on it's way to me, right now!
You may recognize this tread, actually, most will. I'll get some sweet images posted once I have them in my possesion and mounted up!

Icon: Ridden

I threw on the fullface helmet this weekend and took the Icon to my local state park: Alafia. Great trail system there! The Icon was easy to pedal, never did I feel like it was too heavy of a bicycle. I haven’t weighed it, yet. I’m never too concerned with weight. I have a parts spec that I am familiar with so I can estimate a final weight pretty easily.

I feel the 130mm travel was a bit too much with the addition of 650B wheels. I will tune it to 110 and bring the front end down a bit to tighten up the steering. A few points the steering felt floppy. Just a few. I was pumping pretty hard, not pedaling and the bike just flew. Even with the light duty ( my opinion) ZTR355 Rims, the bike felt very stable throught the tight stuff, and it really opened up when the trail demanded. All in All, I am very much looking forward to the next ride on the Icon. I really want to hit the jump section of Santos (north of me) with 26” wheels. I figure in the 26” mode, it will be a mean jumper. Pump track and bmx jump destroyer. Not that 650B will limit me when jumping, I just want to do a general comparison. The dropout system is beautiful and simple. Sliding option gives a single speeder every option under the sun.

When climbing the Quasi slipped a few times when I pressed the front a little too much. A more meatier tire on the rear will be installed for the next ride.

Rad bike so far!

January 11, 2009


If you're the reader that hits #30K on my hit counter, take a Screen shot and email it to me! jeremy(at)650bpalace.com I'll send you a sweet custom 650BPalace.com Prize prize! Hit Counter is at the bottom of the page!
To do a screen shot hit CTRL and PRT SCRN (above your HOME, PAGE UP,DELETE keys), then open up MS Paint, then hit CTRL and V (together), then SAVE AS a BMP file, then email that file to me!
BE sure to include your mailing address, too!


January 10, 2009

650B: Iconic

I finish the Soul Cycle Icon build this evening, and pedaled around the lot.
I have the Velvet set at the ful 130mm, which is the top of the recommended travel for this frame. Regardless, the geometry feels much better than the VooDoo Bokor's.
The seat and chain stays has MASSIVE clearance for the 650B wheels. Pictured is a Quasi on the rear, but I have fit the 2.3" Neo without a chance of tire rub. SOO MUCH CLEARANCE.
I haven't measured the SS, but I nearly looped out when I picked up the front wheel for the first time.
If a longer travel hardtail is something you're looking for, want to run 650B wheels, and use a hydration pack, the Icon is up your alley.
Stop by again soon for some Icon action review.
Visit www.ridesoul.com for more info and to order YOUR Icon.

Soul Cycles Icon

650B Soul Cycles Icon
650B Soul Cycles Icon
650B Soul Cycles Icon
650B Soul Cycles Icon

January 03, 2009

Soul Cycles ICON with 650b Wheels

MORE to come very soon.