December 02, 2007

Sale on 650B Compatible Forks!

If your stop by often you probably read that the Manitou Nixon Comp 145 accepted the Neo-Moto without problems.
GreenFish Sports is closing them out for $249 in the QR Version (CLICK HERE)

BikeNashBar has the 20mm Thru version for $199 (CLICK HERE)

Any of you freeride, beef-eaters with 1.5 headtubes wanting to try 650B for shredding CAMBRIA BICYCLE OUTFITTERS should be on your TO-DO List. The Manitou Stance BLUNT is UNDER $100 (CLICK HERE)
I may have to get one because its so ridiculously cheap.

And for you rigid riding folks, pick up the Surly 1x1 Fork at Cambria also

1 comment:

MMcG said...

And you are positive that no modification of travel needs to take place on the Manitou forks?