December 27, 2007


A message from the FOX FACTORY:

As many of you know the FOX forx do FIT the Neo-Moto, but Fox doesn't recommend it. Use EXTREME CAUTION! you were.


Anonymous said...

This doesn't make sense. The tire seems to fit and doesn't hit the crown fully compressed.

Plus there are some large 26" tires that come close to the same outside diameter as the Neomoto, so what's the problem?

Has fox tested the tire; can they give us more info? Can you get them to make a comment here?

Anonymous said...

what about their 29er fork?

That should be fine with the 650B wheel right?

Come to think of it the 29er fork is no different than their 26" forks. How could that one handle the stresses of a 29" wheel but the 26" version can't? Isn't the 26" version be shorter and thereby stiffer?

Sounds like they are just covering their @$$. Or they are paving the way to force you to buy a new fork. Some marketing BS probably...

Cracked Headtube said...

Yes, the F29 is approved to work with a wheel larger than a 26" (i.e. 650B). Yes, Fox is covering their rear with this notification. Yes the Neo-Moto, at 702 (+/- 5mm) is close to many large-volume 26" tires on the market. Rock Shox does not recommend the use of 650B wheels either, BUT will that stop us from using them? Probably not. Anyone out there completely read their suspension fork owners manual? Alot of the things we do and ride would be considered 'out-side the realm of standard use' for a lot of forks. Fork manufactures have loads of liability on their shoulders as it is. Now we, as consumers, are dabbling with things many of the makers have not. When I called X-Fusion about the Velvet, back in July, they hadn't heard anything about the 650B MTB wheels. Carl at Vicious was probably just putting the Neo-Moto in a Fox Fork for the first time that same month. White Bros. didn't change ANYTHING to their 650B fork besides machining the sliders half-way between 26" and 29" designs.
FOX and RS are just convering their butts with their official (Only FOX) releases.
Manitou on the other hand is attempting to cobble a 650B fork together from parts they currently offer (or offered- old stock stuffs).
You can rest assure when news like this is released you'll find it here on the 650B Palace blogsite! THANK YOU AND GOOD NIGHT