December 02, 2007

Haro Sonix "Type B"

Ok, I hope to hit the trail later this morning with the Maverick equipped Haro Sonix VL120. I have a little more tweaking to do, but she'll run just fine for now. I just finished building this set of wheels, and installing the fork. I haven't yet installed the travel reducers, as I was unable to get the tire close enough to the crown to worry. I'm not going to cut them down initially. It was recommended to me to have some fab'd. Anyone up to the task, pro-bono? I can email out the current spacer spec, and what I would need made. A future market perhaps? And no, my saddle isn't properly adjusted.

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Anonymous said...

Hi. Interesting build you have there. What kind of clearance are you getting in both front and rear? Do you have pics?