December 08, 2007

Ventana, loaded on B'r

This bike began its life as a pile of aluminum tubes waiting for 26" wheels. Then one day a man added 27.5" wheels, it was only then was the pile of aluminum tubes truly happy....

This El Chamuco sports 6" on the reat and 5" on the front, perfect if you ask me. At full compression 6mm of clearance remains between the tire and seatube, perfect. As a 26" bike the BB was a bit low, now 650B equipped has just that much more clearance, perfect. Too bad Ventana doesn't have these in production anymore.....but perhaps a production B'r based on this platform can bring light to a retired model.....hmmm, ponderous.
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Thank you SUB160

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MMcG said...

Closeups of the rear wheel on that Ventana Please!!!