December 16, 2007

Putting puzzle pieces together...

The folks over at Rock Lobster have been doing some thinkin' outside the box! The R.L. Team Mechanic has this steed beneath'm now. "Fun" To quote him, "Fun." A cruiser like ride for getting to the races in style, and aboard 650Bs. If you read his Blog,, Rye is still in paint mode with the custom fork, which, in my opinion, looks stellar. I really dig lugged disc forks, kinda like our 650B MTB wheel...New-Retro. WHO KNOWs where he found them Super Champ B'r rims, but he sure put'm to good use. (Note: Baby Bear was the original name for the NEO-M0t0, same time, same manufacturer, different name).
Good Work Rock Lobster.... I dig it.

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