December 19, 2007

Slap hands with Haro!

A little bird dropped these off in my mail box.

Haro is playing around with their Sonix line, and built a custom rear triangle to accept The Ne0-M0t0 tire from Pacenti. Look like they're taking a page from my book, and using the killer X-Fusion Velvet R. Seriously, its a perfect fork for 27.5" wheels. I spoke with Jill from Haro at interbike, and this is exactly what she mentioned for the Sonix line in regards to the possibility for 650B wheels. If this build interest you, stop by MTBR's Haro forum and let them know. For Sonix owners ( like myself) a True 650B Sonix may only be a rear triangle away!
These images were sent via thrid party, but originated with Haro. I had also read they may be doing a 29" version of the Sonix in the future.

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