November 24, 2007

Over coming the Plauge.

OK I've survived...let the bloggin' reconvene!!

SO I visited a shop a few weeks ago WITHOUT my camera, but still posted my findings. I have since revisited that shop, camera in hand, to complete the task. So here they are.

Caonnondale Prophet, with fully compressed shock. No tire rub. Though the front derailleur come close. My assistant: Gary Palmer. The 2nd Tampa rider on 650B MTB wheels. Welcome aboard.
Now the Scott Spark 30:
Great clearance throughout the rear wheel travel. I'd love to get this bike on the trail, B'r equipped. Plenty of chain and seat stay clearance to keep you moving.
Specialized Enduro.
Front dérailleur rubs when shock is emptied, and in granny gear. Nice pedals, eh? Otherwise, I believe this could be converted.
*****I'd like to add a disclaimer. Using 650B wheels on a standard 26" wheeled frame MAY void the bike warranty. Check with the bike's manufacturer to confirm warranty policies. I am in no way currently affiliated with any frame manufacturers featured on this blog. I will do my best to answer questions asked, within my realm of knowledge. If I don't know the answer, I won't BS you. As always please support your local bike shop. Thanks and please, keep stopping by for more updates!!


Anonymous said...


I'am quite new on the 650b but thinking on buying a scott spark 20 and converting it to 650b.

How does it ride and is it realy better than the std setup.
I am currently riding racing ralph and noby nick, what would be the best 650b equivalent for the noby nick. and what tire size

What is the favourite rims (ZTR ?)

Thanks for the beta

Anonymous said...

Um, it's not plauge, it's plague.