November 15, 2007


I received word that Sun-Ringle is SERIOUSLY tossing around the 650B rim for MTB use.
Kirk Pacenti ( contacted me, and had this to say:

" They are expecting the first samples of their new "Equalizer" series 650b rims in a week or so. The Equalizer rims will be available in 21-29mm widths, but it sounds like the 650b version will only be offered in the 27mm width initially. They also plan to offer this rim built up into their Charger wheel system in the 650b size.

If you are interested... please contact directly as they are attempting to gauge interest in the wheel size before mass production begins."

Looks like the Hayes Bicycle Group, owners of Sun-Ringle, Hayes Brakes Systems, Wheelsmith, and the Answer/ Manitou line, is on point, and seeing the potential of our Revived wheel size, 650B. Personally I'm excited to see ANOTHER company showing serious interest and going the mile to produce a test line.


Denny Yunk said...

Hey J. - Could you please remove the link to the SunRingle' contact form and replace it with a link to my blog post? The tech guys are getting slammed with emails, which is good, but a bit overwhelming!

- Denny (aka Racerveza) from Hayes

Anonymous said...

Hi !
Any news on the availability of the equalizer rims ? Google only gives me old announcement news, but I can't see any report or shop selling them...