November 25, 2007

MTBR Username: Peanutbutter

A Quote from MTBR:

"older fox forks

i just got back from a ride on a converted kona unit with neo-motos and what is i think a 2004/05 fox vanilla. the tire has penty of clearance in the fork, and barely fits with the rear wheel jammed forward, so if youve got a good gear ratio and can slide it back a tiny bit, there is no problem.
summary: neo-moto fits older fox models!"

I guess it's safe to say the Neo-Motos fit the Kona Unit, as well. The Unit is one of my favorite bikes from Kona, very versatile, and I love steel...
I am contacting Peanutbutter to try and get a photo of his/her conversion!


Anonymous said...


Can you post a link to Peanutbutter's comment on MTBR? I can't find it.

Anonymous said...

from the 2005 owners manual:

FOX FORX will accept tires sizes up to 2.40 inches wide (e.g. WTB MotoRaptor 55/60, 26 x 2.40). Any tire larger than 26 x 2.30 must be checked for clearance by the following method. Determining Tire Size - With the tire installed and inflated on the rim, measure the following three dimensions. Maximum Peak Tire Diameter = 343mm = 27.00 inch Maximum Edge Tire Diameter = 326mm = 25.67 inch Maximum Tire Width = 61mm = 2.40 inch Do not use a tire if ANY measurement exceeds the maximum dimensions shown above. Using tires larger than the dimensions shown above is NOT RECOMMENDED and can cause serious or fatal injury. Tire Sizes Maximum Peak Tire Diameter Maximum Edge Tire Diameter

Might want to rethink the safety of older Fox forks. I've got one I'll be trying soon, just gotta get the wheels built.