November 01, 2007

My personal B'r : a nice brew

Well, I had an email hit my box this morning wanting to see my personal ride. So, here it is.
A Soul Cycles Dillinger, retailing at $345, plus shipping.
I build this up on a 29er frame because I wasn't totally sure if their 26" Hooligan would handle the 650Bs. I'll probably order one very soon to find out. This frame has an eccentric BB, so I put it at nearly it highest point and achieved a 12.125" BB height!!! Excellent! Florida has loads of rooted trails and I haven't hit one yet! Again the X Fusion's Velvet is up front. Boasting 130mm of travel, it put the front end just where it needs to be to keep the geometry unaltered. On my last 29r I needed a goofy flat bar and a negative rise stem to get my position right, but not with this setup.
Current Confiugration
Soul Cycle Dillinger Frame
X Fusion Velvet R fork
American Classic UL headset
Truvativ XR 80mm stem
Ritchey Rizer Bar
LX Shifters
Avid Speed Dial Levers
LX Crankset/bb
American Classic 31.6 Post
XT Front and Rear Dérailleurs
SRAM Cassette and Chain
Avid BB 5 Disc brakes
American Classic wheels using Velocity Blunts.
WTB Saddle and grips
PACENTI Neo-Moto 27.5"x 2.3 Rubber.


MMcG said...

what made you choose this frame vs. the Hooligan - would the Hooligan not provide enough room for the 650b in back?

You should try those wheels on a frame like an Evil sovereign or something else with sliding drops.

Cracked Headtube said...

I'd like to see about the VOODOO Wanga. A message has been sent to Joe Murray regarding the potential. WE'll see.......................

MMcG said...

Sounds cool!

Maybe an Evil DOC would be a good lower cost option for an "all mountain hardtail 650b bike"

Cracked Headtube said...

The DOc has a max Chainstay length of 16.4", I don't think that will be enough but perhaps, we won't truly know until someone tries. This weekend I'll be hitting up a few local shops 27.5" in hand to toss into the frame on the show room floor, I'll also have my camera. -wink wink-

MMcG said...

Maybe it wouldn't work. But I know a Sovereign would! There is almost enough room for a 29er in the back end of those frames.

Also - it would be cool to see the wheels used with a fork like a Shiver Single Crown. I'd think that would work. 120mm of travel and a 650b thru axle front wheel.