November 12, 2007

LBS Visit Part 2

I visited University Bicycle Center this evening wielding the 650Bs.

You all will be happy to read these results. Unfortunately my camera was dead, so images will have to wait. I did take some nice notes.


  • Prophet 2008 - FIT!! About 4mm clearance on the stays.
  • Carbon Rush 2008 - No FIT. There is a bolt on brace that the Neo-Moto hits, prohibiting wheel rotation.
  • F3 - FIT! The front derailleur come very close, leaves andmuck will get stuck. And seatstay bridge may have been too close for some folks liking.
  • Headshock Ultra- No Fit, there is a schrader valve contacting tire,no good.

  • S Works Stumpjmper FS - No FIT
  • 2007 Enduro Elite - FIT! Front derailleur has 1.5mm clearance, could probably adjust it for better clearance, or just run a single ring.
  • 2008 Myka Sport, the ladies version of the Hardrock- FIT! Surprisingly a great FIT. Even the stock fork fit the 650B, a RST Capa T26 ML, fit with clearance less than the Fox, but did not rub, about 5mm.
Last, my favorite discovery.
This Carbon Fiber chassis will definitely see some B'r wheels from someone in the future. Good clearance all the way around! It came setup with a Rock Shox fork that didn't fit the 27.5" wheels, but the rear fit nicely!

** Please note, the full suspension models listed did not have the air released from their shocks to check travel clearance, I will do more research when the camera is again charged**
Sorry for the lack of images this time, I'll return to the shop for a photo session. MORE TO COME. Kona is next on the list!

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