August 17, 2012


A rare Intense 650b mountain bike was stolen from the Brentwood Criterium in Los Angeles County on Sunday, August 8 2012. FSA, which had put together the bike for a Mountain Bike Action magazine test and then planned to display it at Interbike, is asking retailers to keep an eye out for the machine. FSA's Ivan Harms noted that the bike's brakes are not functioning, and whoever has the bike might bring the brakes — which are unusual because of their red hydraulic housing — to a shop to be fixed. "The alloy reinforcment at the caliper is missing, so it will blow off if bled," Harms said. "Also there is no fluid in the housing so the brakes are nonfunctional." The frame is also unusual because Intense has not made many 650b (27.5-inch) wheel Carbine frames. Harms asked that anyone with information on the bike call him at (661) 803-2488.

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