April 19, 2012

Fox add 2 650B Models to Their Line-up

Fox has finally released information regarding their much anticipated 650B fork.  Lucky for us they have given mid-wheel riders 2 flavor to pick from.  Both boasting 160mm worth of travel as well as their FIT technology and the new CTD technology (Climb-Trail-Decend) .   
  • 34 Float 650B 160 FIT CTD: 1,990g (4.38lb)
  • 34 TALAS 650B 160 FIT CTD: 2,070g (4.57lb)
With only 80g separating their weight you'll be sure to see these on some stellar longish travel trail bikes.   Makes me wish I had some real mountain in these parts.  Looks like I'll be doing some traveling in 2013.


Anonymous said...

sweet mamma, yess.

Anonymous said...


Unknown said...

More informesión 650b:


Anonymous said...

Very nice as always with Fox. Definitely not a weight weenie fork.
Guess they figure X-Fusion has that covered with the Velvet.

Jez Andrews said...

Fantastic a blog devoted to what I need to know more about!! Great stuff.


Anonymous said...

Kinda heavy. MAgura st8 150mm is like 1700 gram