March 03, 2012

More Pacenti Stuff!

More fine rims from Pacenti Cycle Design:
Looks like we will be getting a classic box section rim as well as a slightly narrower MTB rim with eyelets. 

In more wheel news, recent activity on MTBR has fingers pointed at Ritchey for 650B wheel and tire development.


Anonymous said...

That's the new PL23 and CL25 rim. The PL23 is very traditional road rim for classic 650b & 700c builds. The CL25 is our XC racing rim available in all 3 diameters.

But you missed the DL31. 31mm wide outside, 26mm wide inside. Designed as a light weight (for its size) Super D / Enduro type racing rim,should handle some serious abuse.

Ricardo Nascimento Ferreira said...

Hello Guys. im looking for information about converting my rallon r30 2011 to 650b wheels and tires.
I will have to swap the forks too.
Now i have a fox tallas 150 mm 15qr.
Which 650b fork do you suggest to replace my fox tallas 26r ?
Does my frame fit the wheels and tires ?
Which tires brand do you suggest ? I used to ride with tubeless tires.

Which tire size would the rallon frame have enough clearance ?
Below is the link of the rallon's geometry:

Best Regards

Cracked Headtube said...

Are you changing your fork for a specific reason? All 2010 Fox forks accepted 650b. As for a tire recommendation, how did you like the Kenda Nevegals that came stock on the bike? That tire is also available in 650B x 2.1 and 2.35 widths. To date, I do not know if your Orbea Rallon will accept 650B. Based on this image,, I am doubtful. According to Orbea site your chainstays are 425mm, which is near the minimum for a hardtail, and with the linkages of your swingarm you likely do not have the room needed. Measure around your current tire, you will need about 2cm of clearance between your current tire and frame. Are you in Portugal? Perhaps a Palace reader/rider in your country can help you with a 650B fit. If you absolutely want to change your fork I would suggest a White Bros Loop to help match your current travel range.
good luck!

Ricardo Nascimento Ferreira said...

Hello Cracked Headtube. How are you ?
I m from Brazil. My Orbea Rallon is a 2011 eleven Model. It comes with hutchinson cougar tires 2.25 and i have changed brakes, wheels and groupset. Now it has a formula the one brakes, shimano xtr 3x10 groupset and xtr all mountain, with a 15 mm axe in front and 142x12 mm in rear wheels The Fork is a 2011 Fox tallas 15mm 15qr.

I didnt know fox would have enough clearance to install 650b wheels/tire.
I will have to measure the rear end of my rallon frame to see if it has enough clearance. I will measure according to your notes, 2cm of clearance between my tire and frame. I think i didnt have this space. Even with the stock 2.2 tires, the clearance is minimal. :(

Maybe i would run with a front 650b tire/wheel and a 26er rear.
Will it look wierd ? Will it have any advantage ?

What do you think about it ?

best regards,