March 15, 2012

Big Tire News Bulletin

Vee Rubber will be offering 11 650b tires, all are expected to be released by Interbike 2012.

Meet Vee Rubber's new 650B Family:

( Both in a 2.4" width, the images for the Fluid and Flow tires are pending)
 Vee Rubber is quickly becoming the 650B production leader!! 


MMcG said...

Amazing selection!!! Way to go Vee Rubber!!

Anonymous said...

great news!

Anonymous said...

This is good news, glad to see 650B gaining some momentum. Now if only Schwalbe would make their 650B Racing Ralph in different widths. The 2.25 is an awesome tire, esp. at only 530g and tubeless-ready. 2.4 sure would be nice though.

Izzy said...

Awesome. Now the question is availability (time and location).

Chris Kostman said...

I can't be the only one who wants the Speedster in 1.25", can I? Some of us love the 650B diameter, and the bikes designed around that wheel size, but do not want a mammoth wide tire, too. Please give us a "skinny" road tire!

Unknown said...

Here is the Vee Rubber Address for 650b

Vee Rubber America
3602 Browns Mill Rd.
Atlanta, GA 30354
Cell: 678-362-5793
Office: 404-305-9394
Fax: 404-305-9397

Anyways, right now we have only Mission 650bx2.0

in our wearhouse other model will come soon I let you know

Kip said...

I bought a set of the speedsters and the ziptie that holds them in the box warped both tires bad I thought it would straight itself out but got wors not thers a split on the side wall I have the scott 740 genius 27.5 and nobody else has a mild road type tire yet I like the tires but I hope they don't put the ziptie on so tight :-(

Kip said...