April 14, 2012

Word from the Mountain

We spoke and Enve Composites listened! An announcement went out just days ago about Enve's certain manufacture of 650B carbon rims. It was just February when I called and inquired on the potential of a run of 650B rims and the reply was "No Commitment." Which left me somewhat hopeful. Now, those hopes have come to fruition.  Pricing will be similar to their current 29" rim prices. Complete wheelsets will also be available using DT Swiss or Chris King hardware. Expect a review in coming months. Pictured below is the new Enve rim along with a preproduction 650B Nobby Nic from Schwalbe!

Also, with Sea Otter just around the corner, you can expect to hear about 650B product in development and possible see some prototype gear as well. Here is one thing that is mum but will see the light come May:
The Sram 650B Wheelset.  

With the 2013 Rock Shox 650B Revelation in the works for OEMs, this was bound to happen.  Aren't 'little birds' grand?  Again, mum's the word on the lips at Sram, so let's keep this just between friends. 


BrunoHellcross said...

Probably Schwalbe Hans Dampf et Rapid Rob 650B for 2013.

sosan usa said...

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Unknown said...

love the rims too good collection good work

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