January 30, 2009

Haro Delivers, AGAIN!

Well, no delivery just yet. Haro released some spy photos of their 650B Sonix Virtual Link suspended bike. The Sonix takes a visual change, more toward the Xeon look. It will maintain the VL suspension design which remains proprietory to Haro.
Pesonally I like the new look of the Sonix, but the color doesn't do it for me. Yet, color doesn't make the bike fast, or better, or worse. So I could really care less for color. I sent an email to my Haro contact and pre-ordered my 650B Sonix. Obviously, they are not taking pre-orders yet, but I just want to let them know I ALREADY WANT ONE.


Anonymous said...

killer looking bike!

slo farmanimal said...

I am super stoked to get my hands on this.. I currently have a 650 Beasley which i simply adore, and I also have a Haro Xeon which is now a 650B rock show... good for Haro, great for riders!!!!