February 02, 2009


THE first 650BPalace photo contest is starting up! It's easy and open to everyone with a 650B'd bike, WORLD WIDE! The crew at Kenda had a few sample tires left over and wanted someone to get a set! I will be giving away a set of 650B Nevegals to one lucky winner! You can pick either the 2.35" or the 2.1"!! I HAVE BOTH!! This is an opportunity to win a tire that NO-ONE can buy yet! Drawing ends March 2nd! I'm giving you all of February to submit your photos!
Ok, the are a few details to abide by, so I know you're not stealing someone else's web image! I need SOMEONE, ANYONE to be in the photo, with the submiter's current 650b'd bicycle, holding a sign or piece of paper with "650BPALACE.COM" written, scribbled, or otherwise printed on it! The top five most creative will go into a hat(my favorite hat), then the winner will be randomly pulled. Just to make it legit, I will film the drawing and post it online! Be creative! Remember your current 650B bike must be in the image!
The drawing will be held on or around March 6th. I will get the winner's vid posted no later than Sunday, March 8th. Image submitting ends March 1at 12:05 AM EST.

Submit your images to: photocontest@650Bpalace.com
Please include:
  1. your photo
  2. e-mail address
  3. Full Name
  4. Telephone number
  5. Shipping address
  6. Nevegal 650B Tire Width request(2.1 or 2.35)
  7. MTBR user name (if you have one)
**Each entrant is limited to a single submission, please don't try to get crafty and use multiple emails, please just be honest. GOOD LUCK

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project3 aka Kennie said...

any deadline extension? :)