January 28, 2009


Snow Bikes, Adventure Bikes, what ever you may call them....The bikes with the huge tires, ready to float and roll over just about anything; are welcoming the 650B platform.
SnowCat rims of Alaska had this to say, "...snow riders, the 650b (27.5) size can provide some of the benefits of the 29ers without compromising fit and handling. If your MTB frame size is 17 inches or smaller, this new size has a lot to offer. And there’s even a 650b tire that works quite nicely on the snow: The Pacenti Neo Moto."
The current Snowcat rims are being offered in 29" and 26" with a width of 44mm. Huge. Yes. Light. Yes, to that too. Contact Simon at All Weather Sports, Phone 907-474-8184, web: http://www.allweathersports.com/winter/snowcats.html


MMcG said...

I'd love to see a photo of a Neomoto mounted up on one of those.

jkeiffer said...

Me too. I wonder how you can tell if they would fit in a frame and fork...

Do they handle differently than say the Endomorph setup?

Cracked Headtube said...

I imagine they will handle a little more nimble than a Endomorphe/large Marge setup. The SnowCat is a single wall rim, so it would be lighter set-up.
The Endo tire is over 1200 grams, while the Neo is less than 800. The Marge rim is approx 1050gs for the XC version, while the SnowCat 26" is 350g less. You could have a Neo/Snowcat setup, given the SnowCat at an estimated 850g for a 650B version, for about 600 grams less. Now, fitting these into a 26" frame may be a little more tough than a standard rim with the Neo-Moto. I bet the Pug would make a nice B conversion. A "Bugsley"
To note, the Large Marge rim is 65mm wide while the Snow Cat rim is 44mm. Vicious Cycle also produces an adventure rim, but only in a 26" at this point.