January 15, 2009

Icon: Ridden

I threw on the fullface helmet this weekend and took the Icon to my local state park: Alafia. Great trail system there! The Icon was easy to pedal, never did I feel like it was too heavy of a bicycle. I haven’t weighed it, yet. I’m never too concerned with weight. I have a parts spec that I am familiar with so I can estimate a final weight pretty easily.

I feel the 130mm travel was a bit too much with the addition of 650B wheels. I will tune it to 110 and bring the front end down a bit to tighten up the steering. A few points the steering felt floppy. Just a few. I was pumping pretty hard, not pedaling and the bike just flew. Even with the light duty ( my opinion) ZTR355 Rims, the bike felt very stable throught the tight stuff, and it really opened up when the trail demanded. All in All, I am very much looking forward to the next ride on the Icon. I really want to hit the jump section of Santos (north of me) with 26” wheels. I figure in the 26” mode, it will be a mean jumper. Pump track and bmx jump destroyer. Not that 650B will limit me when jumping, I just want to do a general comparison. The dropout system is beautiful and simple. Sliding option gives a single speeder every option under the sun.

When climbing the Quasi slipped a few times when I pressed the front a little too much. A more meatier tire on the rear will be installed for the next ride.

Rad bike so far!

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