January 10, 2009

650B: Iconic

I finish the Soul Cycle Icon build this evening, and pedaled around the lot.
I have the Velvet set at the ful 130mm, which is the top of the recommended travel for this frame. Regardless, the geometry feels much better than the VooDoo Bokor's.
The seat and chain stays has MASSIVE clearance for the 650B wheels. Pictured is a Quasi on the rear, but I have fit the 2.3" Neo without a chance of tire rub. SOO MUCH CLEARANCE.
I haven't measured the SS, but I nearly looped out when I picked up the front wheel for the first time.
If a longer travel hardtail is something you're looking for, want to run 650B wheels, and use a hydration pack, the Icon is up your alley.
Stop by again soon for some Icon action review.
Visit www.ridesoul.com for more info and to order YOUR Icon.

Soul Cycles Icon

650B Soul Cycles Icon
650B Soul Cycles Icon
650B Soul Cycles Icon
650B Soul Cycles Icon

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Anonymous said...

Nice upgrade from the Bokor, really nice frame indeed. Though the Velvet in the Pic looks like mine, which is set up 100mm.

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