February 26, 2008

The Nevegal in Coming

Kenda will be debuting the Tomac Nevegal in he 650B Format next month at the Taipei show in Taiwan! Then next at Sea Otter in April. 2 widths, 2.1" and a 2.3" will be the produced!
Read a few words here.
The Kenda folks, reportedly, we jabbering about the upcoming offering at Quality Bicycle Product's FROST BIKE a few weeks ago.
DOn't expect to see the tire in shops or available until April or even may. Tires take time to make and distribute. So don't bug Kenda just yet. THEY'RE COMING, FOLKS. Be patient!
Needless to say, Kenda picked a great tire to offer, as it has been voted #1 tire two years running!
That is all!

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