February 01, 2008

The lighter side of 650B

I was browsing Rivendell's page, and wanted to feature this.

The Rivendell Saluki.

This is the bike that inspired Sean Virnig of RAWLAND to design and manufature his frames. I really like the color of this bike, so 650BPalace readers: plan to see this color more often. Rivendell calls it butterscotch. I'll call it burnt orange.

Just so everyone knows, Panaracer also produces a few 650B tires designed for road/touring/commuting use.

1.Nifty Swifty- 32.8mm wide

2.Col de la Vie- 38mm wide

3.Fatty Rumpkin- 40mm wide

Many folks out there have been converting 700C road bike to 650B commuter types. Reason being, the larger volume tires offer more cush, and still allow room for fenders.
A fine example can be viewed HERE


Adam said...

Conversion link should be:

Cracked Headtube said...

Thanks for fixing my links. I dunno what blogger is doing.

Chris Kostman said...

"Rivendale"??? That would be Rivendell.

Cracked Headtube said...


Andrew F said...

Actually, the bike that you linked to on Flickr is not a conversion. It was purpose built for 650b x 42. :)